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  1. I've been asked if i was pregnant too, i also have the infertility that comes with it, so it really messes with ur head, when u look pregnant and ur not!! I hate that!! some doctors are so imcompetent u think they would know more than u do but unfortunately sometimes u have to school them! so frustrating, i understand how u feel at least ur not alone(even though i know that doesn't help) unfortunately i dont have any wisdom or advice to give i have the same "will this ever end" question, but i can offer u my support and friendship whenever u need it, or just want to vent
  2. OMG!!! thank you so much!! that is so helpful im fixin to go to that site rite now...thank you
  3. Thank you Raven I usually get the big "C" and not the big "D" (although that happens too)...and let me tell u "C" is here!!! so here comes the big belly and discomfort and of course loss of appetite..im always afraid to take pepto, although it feels good on my stomach for the moment, the consequences come later
  4. Thank you so much for ur response, sometimes i get scared and dont no if what im feeling is normal to celiac or something else...thank goodness that the pain finally subsided..i still feel a trace of it but nothing as close as what it was this morning...thank u so much for your response im still new at this, and sometimes i have a lot of questions, the only other person in my family that has this is my dad and he passed away a couple of years ago...so thank u guys for being there for me...very much appreciated
  5. ok guys u have been very helpful in the past, now im hoping u can help me with this...im about 4mos gluten free, this morning i woke up with very bad stomach pain...yesterday i had take out from the outback ribeye steak and garlic mashed potatos..and a salad...ive never had a problem with them before, and everything looked safe...i told them 500 times it was gluten free and it was written on the ticket...my upper belly underneath my ribs and to the left of my belly button hurt SO BAD!! even just to touch it!!! i have a lot of gurgling and i can feel it getting bigger and bigger..it even hurts just to walk, almost feels like my intestines are gonna explode!! please help did i get glutened???? could there be something else wrong??? is this common??? I have no idea and is there something to alleviate the pain or do i just wait it out?? should i give my belly a break and not eat very much today..i feel really nauseus too...please please please help me..dnt no what to do!! kinda scared and nervous..thank u guys so much
  6. beijing

    Losing Muscle Mass

    Thank you everyone for your help!! I certainly will go get checked for the thyroid issue...BTW i wanted to share a website that I found its called gluten free fitness, I'm not done navigating through the website but it has a link to a pretty cool food and calorie tracker...Thank you again ev1
  7. beijing

    Losing Muscle Mass

    I am 32 years old...I alternate between muscle groups allowing 2-3 days recovery depending on the muscle groups I worked...I've been doing it consistently for 4 years, with and without personal trainers...this is not the norm for me I've never had any trouble sustaining it, I was just wondering if perhaps there is some kind of vitamin deficiency or some other kind of deficiency, like I said Ive cut down on the cardio because I am not trying to lose weight, Im trying to gain good weight (low reps high weight)...at first going gluten free was a breeze for me but I've found that the more time that passes the harder its getting!! shouldn't it be the other way around???..also I still ocassionaly have the distended belly issue....could i be getting accidentally glutened..or does it take time for all that to go away..and the rashes too..when does that go away could someone give me an approx. time line when do u feel normal again or do you ever??
  8. hello everyone!! hoping u guys can help me out, i've been gluten free for about 3 months..for the past 3 weeks ive been noticing i've been losing a lot of muscle mass especially in my lower body which used to be my strong point..i workout 6 days a week ive cut back drastically on cardio and i do a lot of weight lifting (P90X)..i cant seem to make any more gains i'm actually going backwards..i'm drinking biochem whey protein shake, i eat ALOT!! mostly fuits veggies and steak (ribeye, which is high in calories)with potatoes and rice i never get full and i am always hungry!! Please help i dont know what to do anymore i take in a lot of calories daily and now i dont even have the energy to get a good workout...i dont want to stop working out because i feel like thats what gets my belly going..does anyone have any advice for me??? should i take in more protein shakes?? or is it that the shake i'm taking right now isnt very good?? before i went gluten free i was drinking syntha 6 but that one is not gluten free...please help i'm losing all my gains and I never get full!!
  9. thank you so much for your reply, i have started to get suspicious about dairy, I ate a gluten free pizza and I couldn't understand why I backtracked I guess it had to be the cheese. What about weight gain, i'm tired of everyone thinking I'm anorexic
  10. Ok here it goes, I am very new to this so I don't really know how to do this but here is my history. I am 32 yrs old. when I was a baby I had a bloated belly all the time, doctors told my parents I was allergic to a huge variety of foods but never wheat products, they were very poor so they never pursued testing. I have struggled with stomach issues my whole life! I go back and forth with constipation and diarrhea, I developed a rash at 16 dermatologist said I was allergic to heat, I still have it! Ive been married for 10 years and no babies with no birth control I did get preg once but miscarried, diagnosed with anxiety issues as well put me on medication but i stopped taking it. I've been told I had parasites with no testing (just by looking at me). I've been told I have absolutely nothing wrong(with no testing). I went to the emergency room and had a ct scan and the doctor yelled at me and told me i needed to use the bathroom, and I was too embarrassed to tell him I couldn't because he was just making fun of me, 2 of my teeth are starting to lose their enamel. I have no insurance so I saved money to go to the gastro dr. 1 month ago, and I explained to him that it always happens after I eat and that I just don't know what to eat anymore, and he just said "why? eat whatever u want there is nothing wrong". so anyway I heard about celiac disease and my husband encouraged me to go gluten free for a while and see what happens, so I'm 3 weeks in and I do feel a lil better but every once in a while my belly will mess up again. So what do you guys think? Should I pursue the official diagnosis, I'm worried since i've had the symptoms so long that my my intestines could be really damaged. Oh yeah and my hair is thinning pretty bad and my skin has gotten bad, are these things reversible? Im sorry this is so long, thank you for reading.
  11. Hi Gary Im from okc too, im only 3 weeks in to gluten free, i went to the dds they also told me it was ibs, they pretty much blew me off, ilm on the same mission right now trying to find a doc...good luck ill let u know if i find someone