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    Awkward Question Please Help

    Hey there fellow gluten free folks. I know that I am probably in the wrong area for this but its the closest topic I can think of to the question I am going to ask. I am gluten free (obviously teehee) but my sexual partner is not. I love making him happy and vice versa. I want to ask my doctor this question but I know that many doctors don't know anything about the gluten free lifestyle and the only other people I have to talk to about this sort of thing is my grandma and people at the gluten free support group I go to (neither of which I would really like to present this question to). Will swallowing my partners non gluten semen affect me? Also, is it possible that having un-protected sex would cause a bladder infection/yeast infection simply because of the gluten in his body? I don't know how to put that any more lightly. Please help, I would be far too mortified to ask anyone else who actually knows what their talking about and I really would like to know if there's some way I can start preventing these excruciating infections without having to take anti-biotics every two months. Thanks for any help!