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  1. We are all so hip http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/food/2010-09-18-celebrities-gluten-free-diet_N.htm
  2. dhiltonlittle

    My Symptoms

    you very well could have a problem with gluten. however, i'd suggest that you keep eating it until you get properly tested...
  3. dhiltonlittle

    My Symptoms

    i'd start by taking a probiotic for a few weeks, eat things that are easier to digest (no mcdonalds!!) and see how you...
  4. dhiltonlittle

    What Exactly Does This Mean?

    yeah i've been gluten free for about 4 months now and have seen a lot of improvement since. not sure if it's the diet...
  5. dhiltonlittle

    What Exactly Does This Mean?

    thanks, that makes a lot more sense! i do have elevated antigliadin antibodies (39 with cut off <11). all other...
  6. "mild chronic duodenitis with focal scalloping, shortening and blunting of villi without intraepithelial lymphocytosis...
  7. dhiltonlittle

    Eating In Nyc

    if you like steaks, try minetta tavern. one of the best steaks you'll ever eat. just make a reservation well in advance...
  8. dhiltonlittle

    Feeling Better!

    So after a long battle and about 3 months gluten free, i'm starting to feel like a normal person again! i was really...
  9. dhiltonlittle

    Just Got Sick After Eating At A Grap Restaurant

    from what you say, i'd bet on it being that the food was more rich and oily. especially since you didn't really get the...
  10. dhiltonlittle

    Rice Works Chips

    Has anyone had a bad reaction to these? i tried a few last night. they seemed pretty safe but soon after i ate them i...
  11. I've noticed that one of the first things that happens to me when i come into contact with something is the inside of...
  12. dhiltonlittle

    My Doctor Is Unsure

    thanks for the replies so far. i have not eaten gluten for about 1 1/2 or 2 months now. i have seen some slight improvement...
  13. i've done about every test there is out there and it seems to me it is celiac but my doc doesn't seem to want to give...
  14. i have not worn braces in years but i do remember getting sores around wear the bands connect and also if the band is...
  15. dhiltonlittle

    My First Restaurant!

    i'm sure you'll be fine! one of the few places i feel safe eating is right in my neighborhood and i get the steak frites...