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I'm a doula, bellydancer, and childbirth educator living in Eugene, OR.

  1. I sympathize, I get very mood swingy on gluten too. I have the same reaction to corn, actually. You might want to make sure he doesn't have a corn sensitivity, as a lot of potato chip brands use corn oil and corn-derived maltodexrin is a common ingredient.
  2. Here are Dr. Kharrazian's credentials: (No there isn't an MD in there... however, that does not mean that he is not a highly educated expert in nutrition, brain function, and health. He is way more learned in nutrition and neurology than any regular doctor I've ever been to.) "Dr. Kharrazian...
  3. YES! He is fantastic. My friend Sara gave me his book, and I have to say that was the huge turning point in my health. Prior to that I'd been gluten free but still really sick. I'd seen multiple doctors, who all just wanted to give me drugs for my pain. He's not a quack, he is an incredibly intelligent...