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  1. Streetlegal

    More Needs To Be Done

    San Francisco is one of the better places--and that is what makes me so mad. SF is not nearly half as good as it should be. I want to be able to live a life where I can go out and expect, say, one in every four or five restaurants to be gluten aware, instead of making the long side-trips to the same few restaurants again and again and again. I am fed up of being treated like a second-class citizen.
  2. Streetlegal

    More Needs To Be Done

    I suppose this is venting more than anything, but, as I am going through a really bad patch where my stomach/intestines sound like a washing machine, and I am downing imodium and pepto like candy, I really feel that enough is not being done to help celiacs. I am sick of the lack of choice, particularly the lack of texture in the food I eat. I eat pretty much the same stuff day in day out. Of course, if you read the media and the chattering classes, the view is that gluten-free is everywhere. Well, no it ain't. I live in San Francisco and I still struggle to eat out. I have started to take risks . . . and ended up sick. More needs to be done. More general awareness, better chef training, more options. I wish so much I was wealthy like all these so-called successes. You would then see the success I would make of my global chain of gluten-free restaurants. Seriously, that is all I care about nowadays--my dream of opening wonderful restaurants instead of the pathetic measly so-called choices I am meant to get excited about. I feel patronized and robbed by restaurants, as if they are gracious to offer me ONE crappy gluten-free meal. It is abysmal. Give me the money and I will do what needs to be done.
  3. Streetlegal

    Schar Ciabatta Rolls

    I have bought them in Safeways in San Francisco, and I am really disappointed. I lived off of these in the UK (marketed under the DS Brand) but these just don't taste the same--too powdery, funny tang. Perhaps it's just me--but I have a feeling that they haven't got the recipe right.
  4. Hi all, So after purchasing Brazil nuts from Trader Joe's I find that they were made on the equipment shared with wheat products. Not wishing to be defeated, I washed them in cold water and dried them off. However, I was sick after eating. My question: is there received wisdom about the efficacy of washing such products made on shared equipment? what is the normal advice? Thanks!
  5. Streetlegal

    How Many Of Us Assume A Gfd Will Fix It?

    It took me about 2 years gluten-free before I began to feel any benefit; even then I put the "recovery" in part due to the fact that I returned to the UK for a break and responded to a more familiar diet. 3 years on I still have problems, though better. A few things to consider: First, if you have watery diarrhea you might want to be checked for microscopic colitis (inflammation of the large intestine) which has a strong correlation with celiacs (I have it) Second, you might have IBS too (my doc says that I also have this!!!)
  6. Streetlegal

    Have I Been Glutened?

    Thanks for the feedback
  7. Streetlegal

    Have I Been Glutened?

    I have had peas, not beans. I used to eat a lot of peanuts and I have also taken them out of my diet. Is it unusual for symptoms of a glutening/food reaction to last five or more days?
  8. Streetlegal

    Have I Been Glutened?

    I would appreciate feedback. Diagnosed with celiacs for three years, and later, when gluten-free diet not working, microscopic colitis. I have plenty of "ups and downs" but the last five days I have terrible, terrible flatulence, belching as soon as I eat, and bloatedness/pain. I am very careful to monitor my food. Does this sound like I have been glutened? Does a glutening last for five days or more after an event? I am scared of something else, like Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis to add to the misery.
  9. Streetlegal

    Pf Changs

    Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I emailed the company just to let them know in case there was a pattern--I made it clear that I was not complaining, I appreciate their efforts, and I have no proof that I was actually glutened (though reasonably sure). The operations manager phoned next day, very polite, professional and apologetic. Stated that they use dedicated woks in a dedicated part of the kitchen, though went quiet when I asked if problems had occurred for other customers, so perhaps there is some history. He has sent me some coupons, and wants me to introduce myself next time I go there so he can watch over proceedings. Very nice guy.
  10. Streetlegal

    Pf Changs

    Gottaski: This is helpful. I am not out to complain, but I will email the restaurant JUST in case there is a pattern here. I was probably unlucky--I definitely plan to go back and try at least one more time as it was so nice to eat Chinese food!
  11. Streetlegal

    Pf Changs

    Thanks for the replies. My plates definitely had writing on them--I am guessing that the normal plates are just plain? I didn't touch the soy sauce, only the mustard and the chili sauce which the waitress said was good. It all seems very odd, as I eat out quite a lot and have never had such a definitive reaction before.
  12. Streetlegal

    Pf Changs

    It was definitely made it clear both on ordering and on receipt that it was gluten-free. Have been to Outback, Chipotle, Vietnamese, Indian etc all in the Bay Area and have not had these after-effects! Can't help feel that I was glutened, and badly, though it seems strange.
  13. Streetlegal

    Pf Changs

    I visited PF Changs yesterday for the first time, and had some wonderful food (broccoli beef, noodles, garlic spinach), but 6 hours later have had continuous bouts of diarrhea, about 8 bathroom visits so far. I feel terribly disappointed, mostly with myself, as I had somehow imagined myself as "above" being glutened. and not that sensitive!! This is the only case of sickness in two years I can specifically tie to a particular eating event. Should I phone the restaurant to let them know? Anyone else got any ideas what may have happened? Do you think there was a mistake? Cross-contamination? Or perhaps not gluten at all, something else? Thanks for your advice on this.
  14. Streetlegal

    Gripe About The Media

    I just wanted to get this off my chest: I am kind of irritated and fed up with articles that begin "you can't avoid seeing all that gluten free food around--what is it?" or "with all the publicity it is getting, all those Hollywood starts trying out the gluten free diet, what is it?" First off--I wish there were gluten-free food everywhere. But 99% of the restaurants I try in the Bay Area are clueless; yes they have improved, but, at least where I live, the apparent "hype" has not hit home. Even restaurants I read about online as being gluten-aware end up not having a clue once I get there. Second--labeling of food in groceries still sucks. I still have to read the small print on my roasted chicken to make sure it is gluten-free (having to turn the damn thing upside down in the process), I still have to pick up and read most products carefully. Third--who the hell are all these Hollywood stars? It seems to me the actual hype is not so much about the extent of gluten-related conditions, as about the actual knowledge and availability of products. There, I feel a little better.
  15. Streetlegal

    Gluten Free Restaurants In San Francisco?

    Lots of great places in SF. My top recommendations for dinner are Zadin and Dosa (Filmore Dosa is bigger than Mission one)--both these restaurants are incredible. There are places to eat for lunch in the Westfield Shopping center basement downtown (Thai and Vietnamese), including spring rolls to go in the Vietnemese. The Thai place you have to ask for the gluten-free menu--and make sure you talk to someone who understands. Nearby Z pizza downtown is fantastic (though I am not convinced about cross contamination issues). The ferry building has vietnamese, highly rated. Fishermans wharf = In and Out Burger and Hot Spud Haight = Asqew grill Marina = Amici's pizza (excellent) Good link: http://glutenfreegluttons.com/restaurants.php