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  1. elfkin and happygirl, I made both of your recipes (pumpkin bars and pumpkin cheesecake) last night and they turned out amazing!! thanks for sharing
  2. I got a response from Target...not what I wanted to hear. It is usually those two items that I have gotten there....they replaced the quinoa pasta with a different kind...
  3. Anyone else have their Super Target stop carrying Amy's Rice crust pizza and Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta? I sent them an email because this disappointed me greatly! I counted...
  4. That is a great site. I have been on Cytomel since Feb 21 06 and I feel so much better. Those are all the same symptoms I presented my doctor with. Although she didnt call it...
  5. I ate pei-wei to go tonight. I have always had wonderful success with them being gluten-free and if it isnt fixing the problem before I eat anything...well somehow 2 gluten filled...
  6. I've just recently been put on Cytomel for hypothyroid. I was in the "normal" tsh range but i convinced my doctor that it wasnt "normal" for me. The small dosage of Cytomel has...
  7. Anyone know about the new Starbucks Coffee Liqueur?
  8. Yes, my insurance covered part of the test....not all of it. I think we have to trust our own doctors especially if they have produced reliable information so far. I got diagnosed...
  9. I had some more blood testing done for about 150 foods and I was highly reactive to Turkey (among many other random things)..... anything is always a possibility.
  10. I did this through my GI and notice a difference already. We can have our own opinions, but since this is helping me feel better, I'm all for it.
  11. Well I dont know if anyone even looked at this topic, but I had the testing done and it is such a good test. They test your blood for about 150 different foods and the reaction...
  12. Has anyone had the LEAP testing done? LEAP Website has more information. My GI is having me do this testing and I was wondering if anyone else has experience with it. It seems...
  13. It is a flourless pecan brownie and then they put icecream, hot fudge, whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top. It is the brownie that we need the recipe for. I didnt...
  14. that is exactly what was happening to me so I had to use www.villagephotos.com to host my photo and just use the URL link.
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