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  1. Wow. This isn't something I have considered. I thought if I washed everything with hot water and soap, or in the dishwasher then it didn't matter if we were not an entirely gluten free house. Are you saying you CAN'T wash gluten off of a plastic spatula, a plate or a non-stick pan?
  2. I have read some information that it might be best to avoid any restaurants that bake their own bread or desserts etc. The issue would be the flour in the atmosphere cross-contaminating other menu items. Has anyone else been given that advice? If they do minimal baking does that make a difference? Or should they be avoided anyway? Was this just so obvious I shouldn't have even asked???
  3. There are several chains that offer gluten-free menus in Atlanta and also in their other locations. They are Outback, Carrabbas, and Cheeseburger in Paradise. The Olive Garden also has a gluten free menu, including pasta, but you have to be careful that your server makes a big point of the meal being gluten free so you don't get the regular pasta by mistake. It is obviously different in appearance though. Other restaurants are offering gluten free choices too and many have made it to the GIG website for the Atlanta area.
  4. Replying to everyone who answered!!! - thanks so much for your responses!! It helps to hear what everyone thinks and read about people who are similar to me too. The thread from "new and questioning" was very interesting too. I have discovered something here that I did not know before - that reflux is related. I was diagnosed with reflux a year before the celiac diagnosis but doc thought it was caused by Fiorinal I was taking for migraine pain. I have only been to one GI doc, Cynthia Rudert, expert in celiac and gluten intolerance. And she did not mention reflux...but maybe I didn't mention I had the issue. Yes, I had periods of exhaustion too but I thought they were related to stress. That is one of the symptoms my friend recognized in me. I had crashes that were emotionally and immune related in her eyes. My family is not gluten free, as I've said. But they try to be careful for me. But now I'm not so sure after reading the posts if we clean the counter well enough after one of them makes toast or a sandwich and there are crumbs around. I've wondered if making school lunch for my daughter (handling the bread) could have delayed my recovery. I was tested at about the 2 year point and my numbers did not get much lower than the originals. So I changed all of my hair, lotion and skin products (except one hair treatment). And I try not to make sandwiches for the family anymore. They are old enough to make their own! I think that from what I have heard from you so far is that I should except at least a gluten intolerance diagnosis without question and that I should continue to pursue a strict gluten free lifestyle. This will actually help my family accept my level of care too I think. Truly, if the migraines had stopped I would feel blessed for discovering the origin. I guess I need to find the blessing another way. I welcome any other related info and advice! Keep it coming! And thanks again!
  5. I don't know why I would consider a biopsy when I never had GI issues when I was eating gluten. There wouldn't be damage without diarreah or some type of GI problems from what I understand. Maybe I have that wrong? Does anybody else have a similar story to mine or know anyone who does? Do my results scream "stay away from gluten" to everyone?
  6. Enterolab was recommended to me by a friend who saw some issues in me that might be celiac related. Migraines were my biggest issue. I did not have chronic stomach issues. i decided to be tested to rule out celiac as a cause of the headaches. Expected negative results and instead got the following: Fecal Antigliadin IgA 51 Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 33 Units Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score <300 Units Fecal anti-casein (cow
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