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    Taco Bell

    We buy taco shells after reviewing ingredients etc. We also fry our own using corn tortillas. However, your post is called Taco Bell. If you go to their website they have a very detailed list of allergens. There are things listed that have no "wheat" but still do not fit the "gluten free" column due to risk of cross contamination. I've brought my son (celiac) their once and tried to confirm that they were prepared elsewhere and wouldn't come into contact with any other foods. She looked at me like I was speaking Jibberish... Whatever, he ate them and "seemed" fine.
  2. My son also has Type 1 and Celiac. He didn't have any symptoms of Celiac that I was aware of at diagnosis. They ran the panel because after being diagnosed with Type 1, he didn't gain weight like they expected him to. I decided to hold off on the biopsy. His Gastroenterologist (sp?) said that his numbers were high enough that he had no doubt, and I didn't think it was necessary to convince me. It has been 7 months since going gluten free. His entire personality has changed. He feels better, has more energy than ever, is happier than ever and has gained 10 pounds in that short time. Now, looking back, I can see symptoms going back his entire life. He had loose/abnormal stools starting around the time I stopped nursing. They came to be "his normal" and Dr.s weren't concerned. He had been very under weight, hovering between the 4th & 10th percentiles. Dr.s said that as long as it was steady, it was nothing to worry about. Well, he's up to about the 28th at this point! Also, his Dr. explained to me that even a very small amount of gluten would be enough to trigger an immune system response. The tricky part is that there is gluten hiding in so many things that even if he's eating low-carb, there can still be gluten in the foods he's consuming.
  3. I didn't find any recipes, but please try Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas. http://www.foodforlife.com/procart_catalog/index.cfm?ProductID=11&do=detail My son lived on bean/rice burritos and was heartbroken when he couldn't have tortillas. These are great. We heat them up on the stove just like we used to and they work out great. He says he likes them better than flour.