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  1. Okay, I guess that would be a problem then! I generally stay far away from more commercialized chocolate anyway, for...
  2. Hi there, I found this thread through searching for rheumatoid arthritis, and was very interested to read it. How...
  3. romarin

    Casein Experiment: A1 Vs A2

    Hello folks, just a quick update: I've been drinking raw goat's milk every day (probably the equivalent of a large glass...
  4. romarin

    Casein Experiment: A1 Vs A2

    Hmmm, that's really interesting. I thought that casein did pretty much the same thing, since, as I understand it, casein...
  5. romarin

    Casein Experiment: A1 Vs A2

    I wonder about this too, if it'll turn out that I'm able to tolerate a certain amount, but not a whole lot all at once...
  6. romarin

    Casein Experiment: A1 Vs A2

    Actually, I believe it depends on the state. Vermont recently legalized the sale of raw milk, although farmers are not...
  7. Hello! I was diagnosed gluten intolerant (with non-celiac genes) and casein intolerant by Enterolab about a year...
  8. Hi Katie, I am not aware of chocolate being a problem, unless of course it has something added to it, like cookie...