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  1. Aw the verstality of tater top casserole!!! I use hamburger, tomato soup, corn, and some kind of beans usually kidney, some chili powder, top with cheese and tots. Sadly I found the tomato soup had wheat in it and so did the tots! I have also used tomato sauce or even tomatoes, some kind of veggie with salsa, I use chicken sometimes in it also. A friend uses olives, corn, and some other veggies and thickness it with some broth and cornstarch, I have tried that but making it more like a pot pie. I just have yet to work out a gluten free pie crust since I am pretty new at going gluten free.
  2. Hi, I have a severe case of graves disease, along with the eye disease which has left me with permante double vision though I have singular vision looking at one object so now I am disabled. If anyone has graves disease they should never ever do RAI it could and often times exacebates the disease and may effect the eyes. Just because the thyroid is gone doesn't mean the antibodies or the disease are gone, the TSI antibodies present in graves can and do affect the muscles and nerves in the body, something most all drs are not even aware of! I have learned there is no such thing as 'normal' all people are different and have different hormonal needs and drs should go by how the patient feels. Theres very good research out there that suggests strongly that Fibro is caused by subclinical hypothyroidism. For those on replacement drugs like myself should always include cytomel along with synthroid it makes a huge difference in energy levels and helping with some cognitive problems many have. I am not sure about thyroid and celiacs but they are both autoimmune so they may effect one another at least in some ways I imagine.
  3. Hi newbie here! I would like to add my own take on pot, its has allowed to walk, sit, stand, get through the day. Part of my graves disease has come a weird assortment of muscle problems even resulting in a brow lift when the muscles in the forehead atrophied, I have severe pain in my hip and left leg, the muscles that surround my eyes are in constant states of swelling, etc. One problem though is that my smoking it I probably masked a lot of my gluten problems over the years but am grateful that I do have this to help when I do get glutenized. I just love that phrase 'been glutened' I am going to have to use that often! lol I do admit to being a smoker most of my life when I discovered it helped with a migraine I had. I did go almost 6 years without smoking any and that was when I started to develop graves after I started smoking again my eyes stopped swelling and started to look normal again. I never get high anymore unless I smoke a joint and its a very short lived high. Theres not a soul I am around who can tell if I have been smoking except by the look of my eyes. I had no idea Celiacs could get medical pot!
  4. Hi, new here! In 2003 I had the a slew of tests for GI problems, the dr did blood work and took biopsies and told me I was on the border and left it up to me to decide but didn't say anything like I would end up sicker than a dog soon if I didn't stop eating gluten! I just had an inkling of the long term damage could be! I went low carb to loose weight, twice! lol Felt pretty good but thought it was just exercise and the weight loss. This last few years things have added up and have been sicker than all the other years I have been sick! lol I have a graves disease with the eye disorder. Why would and do drs do these things? Why do they not tell you how bad things can really get! A shrug and eh take the news and do what you wish with it is basically what my dr said all those years ago. I wonder how bad my intestines are now, and if I could have avoided diverticulits, if my migraines are just another symptom, if if if!!
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