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  1. jelly bellies are gluten free and delicious 2 years with symptoms
  2. since going gluten free i have regained a non bloated stomach, stomach pains greatly lessened, lost 2lbs, feeling of wellbeing has increased greatly... all in only 6 weeks (been CCed a few times) so tell me what has happened to you for the better.
  3. how long does it take for the mental health benefits to manifest, in your experience. i am curious because i have been gluten free for 1 month so far with only a few setbacks and i am curious to know when the mental health benefits manifest.
  4. have any of you been glutened by blue diamond products. i know i am sensitive enough to react to amy's gluten free and i am wondering if blue diamond is a shared facility or a cross contamination issue. if not then i probally have some other intolerances i need to figure out. thanks, pues
  5. have any of you had panic attack like symptoms as a symptom of gluten withdrawal. its been 1 week today on gluten free and i am having panic attacks that i have never had before. they are like a burning feeling in the stomach accompanied by a rapid heartbeat and burning sensation in the head and neck.... have any of you experienced this or could this be caused by other factors... just how deep does the gluten withdrawal go?
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