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    Can Someone Comment On Thyroid Tests?

    I'm not sure where you are located or your friend for that matter... I went to a dr in New york City JOHN SALERNO. He was phenominal! Plus, I am on a natural thyroid med. The first one was Natur-Throid & now I am on P-Thyroid (half grain capsules). A group of us read Suzanne Somers' book BREAKTHROUGH which was a wealth of information! There are doctors listed in her book in many different States that are attentive to the thyroid, bio-identical hormones, celiac, etc., etc. Check it out. After more than 5 years of being misdiagnosed with the "Within normal range" answer being given to me, I am FINALLY feeling better Hooray! Best of luck with this. It can be so frustrating, but DON'T give up. That is the key... that you press on! YOU are paying THEM... get your monies worth
  2. Patricia27


    WOW!!! Don't they realize they could kill someone by lying about their food? And, if they aren't sure, then they should have said that!!! It was probably in the sauce... maybe the thickening agent? I love chicken picatta but no longer eat it. I might have to splurge & make it from scratch again. Don't give up all hope. I have found 2 restaurants in my town that were very attentive to my food allergies & went out of their way to prepare food for me. I was there as part of a group of people that were having a meeting. I was so grateful for their true compassion & genuine concern to make something for me that would not adversely affect me. So, just write off that restaurant, (I would call them too to let them know what happened) & try somewhere else. Just be sure to stress to them how serious it is for you to not have any exposure to certain foods.
  3. Patricia27

    Celiac & Human History Please Read!

    Very interesting! I happen to agree with A LOT of what you say! Both of my babies had to be on milk-free & corn-free diets! That lasted for a few years & then they seemed to be okay. Well, I have been gluten-free for a month now & after I had gluten-free/SF chips last night, I still didn't feel 100%. I think I am going to cut out the corn, which I have heard a lot of negative info on lately any way. Hey, if it makes me feel that much better, I will do without I don't care, at this point, if I can only have a few things to eat on a daily basis. Since I have rid my diet of produts that contain gluten or soy, I feel SO MUCH better Try it & see how the new "diet" goes... I am going to do the same Thanks
  4. Thank You I will be venturing out to locate them! Thank You
  5. Patricia27

    How Do You Get Ur Family To Understand?

    Just realize that it doesn't have to cost you money to go gluten-free. I am sure you will be surprised, (as I was), that you already have gluten-free items in your house. Just be sure to start cutting out the obvious & eat more of the gluten-free items in your home. You might end up spending a little more at the grocery stores, but your medical bills should go down. It definitely takes time. I have become gluten-free as of April 14, 2010 & by avoiding gluten products & soy products, I truly feel so much better. Today I had a setback, but I found out it was the way my homefries were prepared. Who would have thought to ask if the potatoes were boiled in water with nothing else! OUCH! I will avoid them from this point forward. I ask a lot of questions if forced to find something to eat while out. Otherwise, I try to avoid eating out, any more, as best I can. It's just not worth the pain & discomfort. Honestly, start cutting out the foods that are on the "naughty list" & you will start to feel so much better. Keep a food diary, it is very helpful in the long run. Keep us posted on your progress
  6. Patricia27

    The Rest Of The Household...

    THANK YOU WELUVGATORS ! ! ! I never thought of the cross-contamination of the keyboard, etc! I will be wiping down the phone & desk at work starting Tuesday (which is when I go back to work) Also, my husband was diagnosed years ago with dermatitis herpetiformis so it's a little easier for him to understand. I am (slowly) making our home gluten-free because I am SO sensitive & my kids are more than happy to have foods that are on my "naughty list" when they are out. I have begun to rid the kitchen of anything & everything that will adversely affect me. It is a lot of trial and error, but I already feel so much better except when I am unsuspectingly "contaminated". Diagnosed April 14, 2010 after many years of 'misdiagnosis'. Now living gluten-free & soy free ~ I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER
  7. Today, I was accidentally "contaminated" thru homefries that were cross-contaminated during preparation I am once again in extreme pain & wish there was something I can take to help ease the severe abdominal pain I am experiencing. I have been doing really well , til today. Is there anything I can take or anything I can do to ease the excruciating abdominal pains that I am experiencing? Thank you. Patricia
  8. Patricia27

    Bout To Lose My Noggin- What Is Making This Worse?

    Hi ~ Have you cut out soy products? My husband & I are both Celiac however he cannot tolerate any soy, whatsoever. Once he cut that out, he was much better. (He had been enjoying gluten-free crackers but they contained soy) He is on Dapsone for his rash. I am on Diflucan since I was recently diagnosed & my yeast levels were through the roof. I am finally starting to feel better. I cheated once & paid so dearly, (or should I say harshly!) so I have become 100% gluten-free! Best wishes to you. Let us know how you make out.