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  1. But I suppose if my stomach is irritated after corn I should cut that. But, that to be doesnt have much to do with gluten...
  2. Some doctor who founded Gluten Free Society (www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)) ...
  3. Well, I was watching the videos by Dr. Osborne. He is very smart. But, what on Earth would I eat if I couldn't have corn...
  4. Not to but in or anything but I'm not religious, so how often do you receive comm?
  5. prisskitty

    Trapped In Gluten Prison

    One suggestion. When you get off of the ship, go to the store and buy a microwave (small) for your cabin. (I think microwaves...
  6. prisskitty

    What Can I Do?

    I think rice and meat will make me fat(ter) though if thats all I eat. But maybe not. Considering all I eat when I eat...
  7. I called the doctor I am seeing on my 'low income' 'helpful' 'insurance'. And anyways, she knows nothing about celiac...
  8. prisskitty

    No Energy!

    Not sure about ferritin but I had had my iron and thryoid checked a year ago. I am beginning to wonder if my stomach...
  9. prisskitty

    No Energy!

    I have been gluten free for a bit but I can't seem to keep my energy up. What kinds of foods can I add for energy? I...
  10. prisskitty

    What Can I Do?

    I am lucky to have her she's the reason I found out about this. But, unfortunately, I can't seem to meet up with her...
  11. prisskitty

    "you Look Run-Down"

    Depends on who is saying it (i.e. jealous friend, etc). But, if you're no longer trying to lose weight, I suggest toning...
  12. prisskitty

    What Can I Do?

    That's an idea. But, she has her own bathroom lol. I am just tired of trying to find food to eat around there. Everything...
  13. prisskitty

    What Can I Do?

    My mom and my cousin are really keen on asking me what I can't eat but, when it comes to utensils, pots, etc, I can't...
  14. For the past 2 1/2 years I have had severe stomach pain that has put me in the hospital. I found out I had a hernia and...
  15. prisskitty

    Not Sure What To Do.

    I actually did do a strict elimination diet for 3 weeks. I accidentally ate gluten once! I put it in my mouth one bite...