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  1. ecf

    Mobile Food Truck Nycta

    Great, do let me know! Would love to eat at a food truck.
  2. How awful. It is so fundamentally wrong for a hospital kitchen staff to be improperly trained. And agreed, JessicaNYC...
  3. ecf

    Mobile Food Truck Nycta

    Cool! Were they careful about pita CC?
  4. Wanted to offer some encouragement! You can take as much medication through security as you need - just declare it to...
  5. Was hoping to buy some Chartreuse and was looking to see whether it is gluten-free, and came across your post. How great...
  6. Oh no! I used to live near Brunswick, that's sad to hear.
  7. Ah, was not aware of this. Thanks for clearing up my misinformation.
  8. I'm not saying most ground meat isn't perfectly safe, just that I have occasionally seen pre-seasoned ground meat with...
  9. Since OP did not capitalize ragu: was it Ragu brand sauce or actually a homemade "ragu" style sauce? If homemade and...
  10. When traveling somewhere where I won't have access to a safe kitchen, I usually take along a cooler full of meals prepared...
  11. Hope I've caught you before you leave. Noticed your two 12 hour travel days - ouch! Make sure you are stocked with plenty...
  12. ecf

    Celiac And Egg Allergy

    Hi anna, are you talking about anaphylaxic egg allergy or egg intolerance? As far as I know, there is no proven connection...
  13. ecf

    Seafood, Fish Recipes

    Second love2travel on baking fish in parchment paper or foil. One nice flavor combination is with thin potato slices...
  14. Jaywalker, sorry to hear you've had trouble with the chocolate dessert. I have not had any of Alpro's soya desserts ...
  15. No doubt about it, all three are safe for Celiacs.