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  1. ktotheroll

    Gallbladder Issues Anyone...?

    I definitely agree the two are connected. My doctor can't agree with me because there isn't research to back it up, but...
  2. Hypothetically, if my Excedrin expired in, say, January 2009, do you think I should take it anyway? Quandary.

  3. Some great $5 albums on amazon! Thanks @jmartinson http://t.co/uPq0D8m

  4. Anyone going/want to go to Matt Nathanson at the Fargo Theater next Tuesday? Tickets are $18

  5. SO excited to see The Weepies tonight at the Guthrie Theater!!

  6. Today's highlights: the Tin Fish has gluten free food, our shopping escapade uptown was nothing less than epic, and I convinced a coffee shop owner that he should make and sell gluten free baked goods.

  7. ktotheroll

    Soooo Frustrated....please Help

    It really does depend on the person, but the fact that you're noticing any change at all is a very good sign. It may...
  8. Listening to #NPR on the way to #Minneapolis

  9. Getting ready for a great weekend in the cities with Marnie Rosenheim, Molly Swanston, and Cara Rebsch!

  10. Yay Friday! #WeSoExcited

  11. Happy Birthday Abby Boggs-Johnson!! I know I've already told you twice, but now I'm making my birthday wish Facebook official. :) Love you!

  12. ktotheroll

    Gluten Free In Dorms

    Really, the college doesn't have any gluten free options? Wow. I had a ton of ideas for you until I got down to reading...
  13. I'm watching Zack Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion -- so good!

  14. I agree with Larry David, I'm not a big fan of a stop-and-chat either...

  15. is super excited to celebrate Katie Kroshus' and Abby Boggs-Johnson's birthdays tonight!