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In progress, so much information to add..


Pretty darn sensitive.

Had issues for most of my life.

Now there gone, unless I have gluten.

Had a difficult struggle to determine, with lots of misleading info from the Docs.

Have little appreciation for docs as far as allergies and nutrition.

They didn't even acknowledge allergies as fact before 10-20 years ago, except for hay fever.

Studying health science, pharmacology and Chinese medicine.

love this forum.

Have tried about every diet, herb and remedy.

Recommend an elimination diet when the docs fail.

And removing health insurance companies from monopoly exemption.

Most primates eat: leaves, semi-sweet fruit, ants and bugs, and meat.

Elimination diet that worked for me: cane sugar syrup, ground turkey, and fresh flax seeds for fiber

(Had problems with most carbohydrates, even in fruit).

Be careful with rancid flax seeds, the cyanogens can suck up all the oxygen in your system - take iodine and/or seaweed to counteract if necessary, but just don't eat *too many* flax seed if they taste like acrylic/latex paint(rancid).

Now I eat applesauce/pears, fish, rice, occasionally masa or hominy, and veggies - thank the lord above, I've got that far!!

Still don't even eat distilled vinegar and lots of other stuff with only minute levels - I can tell. And even cellulose in most medications or supplements - could be from a bacterial sensitivity.

Experimenting with caffeine alternatives (don't like the dependence headaches if I get gluted, and nerves and stomach are sensitive, though have much better digestion with moderate levels). Have researched natural daylight input that I miss being inside and in Seattle.

Recognize correlation of immune sensitivity and hormone levels.

Have major brain/emotion effects from gluten. Can't think or control focus if gluted. Activated Charcoal by Nature's way helps, but can be too much added fiber and absorb important nutrients. Stimulants seem to counteract most of the brain fog, and it takes 5 or 6 times more caffeine to be alert after gluten.

Have theory about type O blood, meat eaters and Celiac, along with the standard gene selective enhanced resistance to intestinal parasites theory.

plus a chronology of food and supplement trial, error and diagnostic outcomes of understanding this whole "being health" thing,:)..

  1. Just adding an update to some advice I gave above. Been several years now and still can't digest any starches, basically at all. So I live off steamed (shell easier) hard-boiled eggs, homemade brown sugar syrup, spinach (vit A!, and folic acid energy), celery, turkey, tuna, avocado oil, sometimes...
  2. charles76


    brain fog: IgA AGA ? Serti, SAD?
  3. Hi, yes I agree caffeine can be difficult on your system, but it also helps counteract the brain-fog to think clearly about food options. I don't drink soy milk because I have a reaction I think due to the sweeteners (rice syrup is malted with barley sometimes) or the flavor (I'm sensitive even to...
  4. haven't been glutend in a while (knock on wood)

  5. Hi notcrazy, and no we're definitely not about then effects of gluten, T didn't reply yet, but I thought I might quickly mention some information that might help you and others. Gluten can cause an immune reaction, which can affect mood by increasing (I believe) serotonin - which can cause symptoms...