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  1. Eh. I'm sick for weeks and then I get sick a lot more often, I can't eat sugar, my digestive track is a mess, and I'm not better again for years. I've never actually eaten gluten afert i was diagnosed, but I know what it was like BEFORE was diagnosed.
  2. I have emeteophiba and that's the fear of getting sick. I also have a phobia of diarrhea, and I'm not sure if it has a name. I'm 14 year old girl and was diagnosed wih celiac disease 3 and half years ago. I do not get diarrhea often. Every day in the morning my stools aren't hard, but that's just part of IBS apparently... But this morning at like 4 I woke up with really bad pain, and I didn't want to go to the bathroom because I was scared of.. well, you know. Eventually it hurt to much and indeed, I had diarrhea. I am going like every half hour. It's bad. Okay, my possible causes . Dentist appointment. I went to the dentist two days ago for the first time in four years because I was terrified of being glutened, with fluoride, toothpaste, etc. Well, they confirmed it was gluten free and for the teeth, I went. . I had this coconut ice cream, dairy and gluten free. I also have lactose intolerance. It was VERY different tasting, very rich.. I didn't like it but I ate a bit. That was two days ago and yesterdy. So yeah. I hate this. uhhh this is such a disgusting topic, I'm sorry. What should I do to help it? Do you think it was one of the possible casues?
  3. So I have a history of worrying WAY too much. Doesn't help I have emteophobia as well, so that just adds to all this anxiety. I have been gluten free for over two years now. I'm 14. I have had too many gluten scares to count, when I am assured I will be just fine and guess what -- I am. A tiny soap bubble of mystery soap (gluten-free or not, I don't know) going on my lip.. Someone's juice going on my lip.. Tape in my hair, someone spraying perfume and me breathing heavily, and having a cookie thrown at me. Which, fyi, never even came close to my mouth. Now I have another scare! I have tape all over my chair and couch because we're trying to get my kitten to use the post. Double stick tape. It's scotch. Clear. I was leaning my head against the couch arm, and the tape went on my hair, and the side of my face, and on my cheek, relativley close to my mouth. Freaking out, I wiped my face, put my hair up, and rubbed vigorously at my cheek. None of it actually touched my mouth. I have looked it up, and a few places have said yes, scotch tape brand is gluten free, and it has been in gluten free school list supplies. But I have a low level of trust when it comes to gluten (bad experience with the dentist..) so.... Am I overreacting? or should I go order my tombstone? xD
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    Shocked And Needs Help

    That is so true, I don't even think I realized.. And now it's ... five and a half years later!! LOL
  5. I can commiserate a bit. I don't' have it as bad as you, but doctors have still been pulling me from place to place, and I'm about to rip out my hair I think! After going gluten free two years ago, I got a terrible sickness, which kind of sent me backward.s I lost 30 pounds, and had episodes of seemingly gluten reactions for the following months. I was sent to a dietician, and we learned I was intolerant to glucose, and fructose. I took this way to far, and when I was told I could have a small intolerance to soy, I basically consumed only water. But soon that faded away, and I gradually became better, but the following year, I would still have gi issues. Every day I would have to go to the bathroom way too much, and I would have stomach aches every day. Getting tugged halfway across the country to special doctors, they diagnosed me with small intestine bacterial overgrowth, which I was promptly put on antibiotics for. I was given another medicine for IBS, probiotics, and was taking a lot of loperamide as well. I was also lactose intolerant (and still am) which was our first go-to even before gluten. After stopping the antibiotics and probiotics because it seemed like too much, (and all the while on a difficult weight gain journey, 5000 calories a day and two gross protein drinks.. I'm a 14 year old girl, but at the time was 12 and 13, and I am VERY small. I'm still on this weight gain journey.) I was just taking IBS medicine for spastic colon, and loperamide. we stopped the IBS medicine though, because we ran out and I decided not to do it. So I was only doing loperamide. As the years go on, I seem to be getting slowly better than I was before, each year just a bit better. This has lead to tremendous anxiety though, (though I've always had some, as well as a terror of a phobia - emeteophobia) and food fears, which had lead to it's own type of eating disorder from which I'm trying to recover, since I eat a very limited selection and do not trust many things. Doctors have told me this: If I can work on my anxiety, and other methods for controlling IBS, as well as take the IBS medicine, lower your loperamide intake, and expand your food then you will feel better. But for some reason this seems all to scary for me, and I have yet to do so.. I will. I tell myself that. For you, I first think you should get an endoscopy done - after eating gluten for two weeks or so (this is what I did) to ultimately determine if you need to stay off gluten. It looks to seem if your villi have flattened down in your intestines, the tell-tale of celiac. If you truly have felt NO better, then this is a must. IBS is also a contributor most times. http://www.helpforibs.com/ is a good site. You may have other allergies or intolerances as well. Ask your doctor about allergy tests, and try going off things for a month or so - dairy, glucose, fructose, casein, etc.. I'm sure you can find a list somewhere. And perhaps get a dietician as well. They are *usually* very helpful. Don't forget other more, for lack of a better word, severe problems such as leaky gut, and chron's, just to name a few. As I'm sure you already have, doing some research and bringing it up with a designated "GI" doctor could help tremendously. Though regular doctors can be really helpful in seeking things, my doctor through my whole life of having tummy aches and then through the years progressing into much worse things, never once thought of celiac and always lent it to anxiety. It was not until I went to a GI doctor that they brought it up. At first I was heartbroken, but learned it was the answer! Such an annoyance all of this is so expensive.. All for a better quality life! I know I'm only 14, so I may not be of much help, but I wish you luck! Feel better, I know you will in time.
  6. Caramel coloring/flavours made in the US HAVE to be free of gluten. BUT if it is made elsewhere (which I'm not sure how to tell), then that is not the case I don't think. I have many gluten free products that have caramel color flavour in it, and since it says gluten free, I eat it. But if it doesn't, I don't. If I see something with multiple ingredients, especially suspicious ones, even if it is something i WOULDN'T suspect to have gluten, I do not eat it. So If I saw popcorn that had, let's say, "corn, sea salt, whey, natural parmasean flavoring, canola oil, safflower oil, caramel coloring I wouldn't eat it. I would check in a gluten free list book, or the company. Good luck, be careful!
  7. I know how you feel. I was diagnosed two years ago (I'm now 14) and my boyfriend and I were together for three years (broke up over the summer..) Last year he would express how much he wanted to kiss me, and I tried to get him to understand. He was veRY UNderstanding which was so helpful. He said he would go on a gluten free diet just to kiss me - unfortunately he didn't understand exactly what that meant and how much it would restrict his life - it doesn't mean just not eating bread or cookies (normal oneS).. I told him it would be too hard, and we promised ourselves when we got older he would go totally gluten free. He also said that he researched, and couples who had one person gluten free, the other could just brush their teeth really well with gluten free toothpaste, but being the ultimate worrier and I also have the worst phobia of getting sick, I said no. I actually made up a lie that I have a special kind of celiac disease, which means I'm SUPER sensitive.. I feel really bad about it, but I was so obsessed with staying gluten-free clean I felt like I had to. So we ended up sticking to the other physical things, and kissing on the cheek, head, other places on the face besides the mouth. Of course he could only kiss me there since I was terrified that his shaving cream or aftershave had gluten in it as well! Luckily my friends were also understanding, kind of.. One friend, said she WANTED to have celiac disease, just because my gluten free pretzels (glutino by the way, everyone's a fan!) were so delicious. That made me so angry!!! I tried to tell her NO you do NOT want to.. because it's not just getting to eat yummy alternatives.. besides you can eat them when you don't have to avoid others ANYWYA!!! I sort of gave up on making them fully understnad... though I just kept my food to myself, and if I was invited somewhere, I brought my own as well. I didn't bother asking people to get special food, or if they asked, I politley refused and said not to bother, I'd be content with my own stuff thans. I have a wonderful best friend though, and even though she doesn't understand what it's like, she treats gluten like the black plauge when I'm around! <3 Watching out for me, even though I don't need it I'm quite thankful. Tell your boyfriend that you will get very sick and it will contribute to further fatal illnesses later in your life if you get gluten, and kissing him is posing a risk. If he is a true heart boyfriend, he would rather you not get sick, because he cares about you. He doesn't have to read anything as long as he beleives you. Send him the link to wheere you read the thing about kissing though, just so he knows youa re teling the truth. And make sure you express how you love to spend time with him, so it doesn't seem like a way of sneaking out of the relatihonship. If he refuses to cooperate, though, then I don't see the whole relathionship working There needs to be aggrement on both sides.. But health comes first. Goodluck
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    Shocked And Needs Help

    oh an also, biopsys don't hurt. I had one. Fell asleep. Woke up. I was dizzy and groggy, but not in pain in the slightest (except a sore throat but that just might be me.)
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    Shocked And Needs Help

    Shotzy, if you are actually a Celiac, meaning it's not just a gluten sensitivity, and you actually have full on 100% Celiac Disease like me, then here are some rules. DO. NOT. EAT. GLUTEN. (Well, duh, right?!) For me, I can't even have a quarter of what can fit under a baby's pinkie nail. And some people even react when they touch gluten. -IF YOU HAVE HAD TROUBLE WITH BREAD AND BAGELS AND SUCH, TRY UDI'S BREAD AND BAGELS! (I think white plain are the best) They taste EXACTLY like regular bread, if not better. And you can have them cold, and they still taste good, which is amazing. -Bionature Pasta, (I don't know if you can eat it, I used to be able to but I am on soy restriction as well as dairy and I can't eat that now, but when I did, delish.) -Kinnikinnick Sandwich cookies -Glow Cookies -Bard's Beer -Glutino pretzels. -alot of chips like lays are gluten-free Just to name a few. Hope I helped! (: ~Julia