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    I Thought the peppermint mocha was safe but apparently NOT I was soooooo sick! We also have to factor in the high contamination...
  2. I had the christmas peppermint mocha and it was definately full of gluten I was very sick for a few days!! Now I am afraid...
  3. Here are some more things to look for in cosmetics *This is not an exhaustive list. COSMETIC INGREDIENTS THAT MAY...
  4. I contacted Rimmel and asked for their current list of Safe products. Instead they send me a detailed list of the ingredients...
  5. Kemmanuel

    Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    Im am from Vancouver Island. There are a few gluten free bakeries and health food stores around that provide gluten...
  6. I went to Boston Pizza the other night after doing some research. I must admit I was terrified to eat anything! I...
  7. Kemmanuel

    New Blue Jewel Cafe-

    I just visited the NEW Blue Jewel Bakery and Cafe on Ross Road in Nanaimo. They share a space with the old Sausage factory...