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  1. First of all, I have to say that stumbling upon this and how helpful and encouraging everyone is nearly brought my to tears! I have been gluten-free on and off for years (granted, I am only 19). Like many others, I have not once had a positive experience with a doctor and my family still struggles with any gluten-free conversation sometimes. But, for the last 5 months or so since I have been away at college, I have done away with gluten completely, and have felt better than I ever imagined was possible. Especially during the holiday season, CC has seems nearly impossible to avoid. My most recent obstacle has been these lovely hives that appear mostly on my chest and forearms. If I am touched after another has touched a gluten product, or if I touch it myself, it is inevitable that the red bumps make an appearance. Also, my stomach seems to be in a never ending "gluten-state". I was wondering if anyone else has experienced hive-like symptoms (besides the diagnosed celiac rash) or if anyone had any great tips on CC. Luckily, my family had been beyond supportive after I have experienced (and they have witnessed) these more severe symptoms, but sometimes the CC thing throws them for a loop. Thanks in advance!
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