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  1. First positive bloodwork, then biopsy was negative. Went back on gluten, this time bloodwork was negative.
  2. This is exactly what happened to me. I finally bit the bullet and decided to get the biopsy done by a specialist at the Celiac Clinic at New York Presbytarian. It came back clean. My doc said the blood test is only a guide to be used for further evaluation, by no mean definitive. In fact he said it is prone to both false positives and negatives based on a number of variables. I have been heavily stressed for a period of time with a new business and this is when these problems manifested themselves. He put me on Valium, and within a few days I was feeling my old self again, no more bloating or other GI problems. He said the stress can easily through off any blood test. He advised me to reintroduce the gluten into my diet again and see how I feel. He plans to run a blood test again after several weeks and see what the results are, but he anticipates they will be normal this time. So far so good.
  3. Sad, but true. Modern medicine is good for running tests and skyrocketing health costs, but not so good in treating the patients accurately. Docs just prescribe something, if it doesn't work on to the next. They have been "brainwashed" by the phameceutical industry that there is pill for everything. The big drug companies go as far as making up an illness and then bringing to market a pill for it. To them this is just business, the more people they can get 'hooked" on their pills, the better the bottom line. One of my best friends is a really smart pharmacist, he will not take any meds because he knows what they can do to you. I think this speaks volumes about the whole drug industry.
  4. The list would be way too long, better keep it short and list the good ones, would only be a few names!
  5. I agree with you on the fact we are really the first generation to bring this issue to light, prior to this time, the awareness of "gluten intolerance" was just not there. All the testing in the world does not guarantee and accurate diagnosis. Doctors always add a caveat to their findings by saying "just because the results were negative, doesn't mean you don't have this illness". Doing the endoscopy may not be definitive, there may not be damage yet, or they may not biopsy are area that is damaged, also the area my be farther down than the scope can reach, no guarantee at all. I have also looked into the possibility of stool tests and even genetic testing, way less invasive, though not sure if they are more accurate. Like me doc said, try the diet, if it works then stick with it. I have no problem adapting to this type of diet, just have to learn more about which foods are acceptable and which are not. I will continue to look into other possibilities while I do this, not convinced gluten is the culprit yet. The bottom line, is to try the treatment, namely diet in this case and see what happens.
  6. It is really horrific, what the medical community is capable of. I really hesitate from becoming a victim of this type of treatment. Docs are great for running test, but no so good as treating the problem correctly. Most just prescribe meds just to keep the person happy and not loose a patient. Sometimes the meds works, could just be "placebo effect". Big Pharma drills in their minds, that drugs are the cure-all for everthing that ails you, nothing could be farther from the truth, they may help in some instances, but create other problem, sometimes more serious that the initial illness. Personally I prefer to opt for more natural treatments if possible, ie herbs, vitamins etc, there is much less of a downside to these. Have even been considering oriental medicine, I know from experience from a vet I used a while back, his system worked better than the conventional vets advice. I will keep researching this issue and hopefully will come up with a solution. Hope your improvements last and these issues become a thing of the past!
  7. Thanks for responding, sorry you are having the same problem, but glad to hear someone else is have the same "shaking" syndrome. I too am curious if others have had this and what, if anything, helped. I still believe my issues stem from stress. I went through a roller coaster of anxiety earlier in the year, and my new business keeps it stressful every day, so I am not able to rid myself of the stress like I did the first time. Even the doctor said that stress can throw off any diagnostic test. I think she is a good doc, she hesistates from prescribing meds, instead emphasizes diet as the solution. I believe she is right since I do not eat correctly anymore, and am trying to get this in order, time will tell.
  8. Hi, Here's my story... Had sudden bloating and constipation in 2007. Saw a gastro in a local well known hospital. They did abdominal ultrasound found a small sludge ball in gallbladder, nothing else. Had Upper GI series, nothing. Had colonoscopy, found a polyp, did biopsy, was hyperplastic, told not to worry. Initial diagnosis, possible IBS. We tried antibiotics, Rifaximin, did not help. At the time I was going through a lot of stress, so the doctor tried Valium, seemed to help,then changed over to Klonopin, same thing, if I had an episode of bloating, it made a difference. Over a period of about one year, the symptoms went away. I ate and drank anything I wanted for about 2 years and unfortunately gained about 20 lbs. Now comes 2010, again lots of stress, worse than the first time, suddenly one day I wake up and the bloat is back, worse than the first time. I get a script from my GP for Klonopin, but is not a helpful at the first time. I wait it out for several months, hoping it will pass again, but it didn't. I saw another Gastro, he runs some routine blood test, abdominal ultrasound and upper GI series with small bowel, only abnormal is possibility of subclinical hyperthyroid, T3 and T4 are OK, TSH is low. He advises I see an internest. I set up an exam with one that I hear is very good. She decides to runs some antibody test for Celiac and thyroid. The thyroid comes back OK, the Celiac is borderline. She recommends I see a GI friend of hers for the endoscopy with biopsy, but considering what I have read, they may not be 100% accurate and do not like the idea of the procedure to begin with. She suggested I just then try going Gluten free and see what happens. I started this diet a few days ago, but as of now, even more bloated than before. I am doing an Atkins type minus the gluten, but perhaps my fat intake is too high, since I read there may be fat malabsorption as part of the problem, so I will be cutting back on this and continuing with the diet. Today I took some Klonopin and it seems to help, at least this time. I constantly feel like my insides are shaking, this has been a common symptom I have had since 2007 when it first came. I really do not trust these doctors to make a good diagnosis so I am searching the internet and these boards for information from real live people who are dealing with this. No one in my family has ever been diagnosed with Celiac, but I guess that is neither here nor there. I am inclined to stick with the diet for a few weeks and see if there are any improvement. What do you guys think, and suggestions? Anything is welcome. John
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