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  1. Hi! I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and I cut out all gluten and immediately started feeling better. I was used to having oatmeal for breakfast everyday and continued to do so (Quaker..not special gluten-free kind). It hadn't given me any problems. Recently I got on a Mexican food kick and started eating sopes (similar to corn tortillas) pretty much every night (haha when i find something that works i stick with it...) Anyway, ALL of my gluten-related symptoms came back (tingly arms and hands, severe back stomach and arm pain, bloating, cramping, etc) The ONLY new thing in my diet is the corn. Are corn intolerance symptoms manifested in the same way as gluten intolerance? ....Is it more likely that my oats are cross-contaminated and my body is just now showing a reaction? Geez, if I can't eat corn and gluten I'll really have to get creative
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