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  1. Lol thanks so much. Like I said, I didn't buy it. He is just starting a strict gluten-free diet, now. i offered to get him help. He's been a lot better about it the past few months, but I was just curious. He told me that the gluten causes his mind to cloud and he couldn't make decisions like normal, but my response was that he couldn't blame everything on gluten, and that if that was the problem, he should stop eating it....just an extra reason lol. He was lying about typical 19 year old boy things....where he was going or had been, who he was with. We ended up breaking up over it, but were trying again, and now he's taking care of himself, and I'm making sure. No excuses now.
  2. My boyfriend is celiac. He sometimes has a problem with lying. He lies to me, his friends, his mom, sometimes without realizing. Then, when I confront him, he tells me its the gluten? I don't really buy it, but I'd like to know if there is, in fact, any substance to that.....help?
  3. Hello! I'm in desperate need of some answers....my boyfriend has celiac, and hasnt been doing so well staying gluten free. He's 20, 5' 11", and only weighs about 110. So, obviously, he's not the healthiest man alive. I'm really trying to help him maintain a gluten-free diet, and gain weight. I have a million list of things he can't eat, and a bunch of recipes, but Idk what my best options are. He's also allergic to fish, shellfish, and some fresh fruits but not too many...I'm also on a pretty tight budget....:/ any help?
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