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  1. Wow Dr. Fail told me that temporary lactose intolerance is BS and is a myth. He told me also that if I'm sick this is because I've changed my diet for a gluten-free one. WTF my body is in lack of gluten!? He said, "I don't know you have the IBS syndrom take those pills and goodbye". GRRR!
  2. Here we go again, sick sick and SICK!! 3 times sick this month, that seems to become from the white straight microwave cooked potatoes!?!? I went to toilet friday night and I lost all my vital energy and we are now sunday and this is not better! That's just crazy, I don't know what to do, hope that "Dr. Fail" will help me better on tuesday..
  3. I've stopped consuming dairy product and I feel so much better!! WOW what a big difference! hope that this will keep up this way! And I will ask about anal fissure and intestinal tightness. Thanks for all!! The milk was killing me! How could I know! Thank you again!
  4. NO!, I can't see my GI before February 1st. My family doctor (sorry about my english) told me to take Imodium. I will give it a try. I don't have other choice for now.
  5. MAXX = male Yes they passed me a coloscopy and gastroscopy for the biopsy. I dropped off lactose and nothing change, I will try to quit casein and switch for soy milk. and maybe quit soy a day, but one thing at a time if I want to see exactly what is wrong. Thank you for your answer, I will tell you in the next days what my GI thinks about that, I'm supposed to get an appointment with him.
  6. Yes I know about cross-contamination, I even switched brand of my toothpaste. I went again to hospital today for blood test and nothing is wrong. I hate that loss of vital energy. I have to take another appointment with my gastro specialist that told me last time that this was normal and that I only had to sleep after bowel movement huhuh. I'm so tired... I hope someone will be able to give me an advice to help me. All my vitamins/minerals supplements are gluten free and have my own toaster. On morning after BM I fell in pieces then sometimes (not all the time) in the afternoon I can get enough energy to walk a 5-10 kms (that I don't do). I talked to nurse, pharmaco, doctors, no one know what is wrong. I don't think that this is linked with celiac disease..
  7. Hi, I feel real bad since 2 years and got diagnosed with Celiac since 3 months. Then I am on gluten free diet since 3 months. I felt better after 2 weeks for maybe one month of little up and down an suddenly I crashed. I'm now living the worse moments of my life. Each time I go for a bowel movement I know that I will have up to 4 hours to recovery from it. I lost all my energy, unbelievable abdominal pain, hard to walk or even move, driving my car is sometimes dangerous. Someone has the same problem after going to toilet? Thanks to help me, because I can't live this way anymore. I would say that I am more sick since I run gluten free and my diet is really strict gluten and lactose free.
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