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  1. Thanks for your insight and perspective. You get right to the heart of the matter. And I think you are absolutely right about my family...all of it.
  2. Thanks Takala. What it really comes down to is this whole fertility thing. I'll be gluten free forever, no matter what results I get regarding celiac diagnosis (I'm a big cheerleader and tell people all the time how easy it is, because you are right, everything else about life gets better/easier when you aren't sick all the time, and because there are more and more gluten-free options every single day!). But I am not 100% clean. Probably 98%. I have a bite of wedding cake, a sip of beer, and dash of soy sauce every now and then on sushi. After being 98% for two years, I still do not have periods. I do NOT have PCOS. That's why I went to the gyno in the first place, and that's why she referred me to the gastro. I want to know: if I become 100% gluten-free, might I increase my chances of fertility? Maybe it's about having a label, belonging, etc. But I just really want to know what's going on in my body.
  3. Thanks for your responses, y'all. That's what I was afraid of. Maybe I can persuade and help pay for one of my sisters to have the test. They both eat wheat on a daily basis. I have not had the genetic testing. What does it involve? Is there anyone out there who disagrees and thinks I should go ahead and give the endoscopy a try on Tuesday? I've just had a gluten-loaded lunch. FUN!
  4. I'm 28 yr-old female. As a child, I was anemic. I've had GI symptoms since I was 12 (including lactose intolerance). Since graduating from undergrad (summer 04), I've had very irregular periods, amenorrhea, depression, poor circulation in hands and feet, easy bruising, back and joint pain, etc etc. Finally, 2 years ago I went to a wonderful naturopath and she told me to stop eating wheat. Within weeks, I felt so much better, and within a month, I had decided to be gluten-free for life. That's two years on a gluten free diet...for the most part. A bite of a cookie here, and hidden cream of mushroom soup there, and I'm writhing in pain (but not always, which is so confusing). As anyone reading this knows, a positive diagnosis would help. I'd be stricter with my diet. Family would be more accommodating (I'm known as a hypochondriac and every time we have a meal or travel together, I have to bring my own food because they forget). But those are things I can live with. I can become stricter with my diet and quit worrying about what other people think. One of the main reasons I want a diagnosis, though, is that my sisters and brother all experience health issues which could be related: fatigue, infertility, diarrhea, constipation, gas, anxiety, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, early pregnancy loss, lactose intolerance, weight loss etc etc etc! My nephew, who was conceived while my sister was on Metformin (a diabetic drug used to treat infertility in women with PCOS), has terrible GI issues, and dark circles under his eyes. His doctors have recommended celiac sprue testing. When I suggest to my other PCOS sister who has suffered miscarriage (also conceived on Metformin) that she might try a gluten free diet and see how she feels and what happens, her response is simply that she has PCOS, not gluten issues like me. Yes, I want to be validated, but less selfishly, I want my family to feel better, too! I doubt they will try a gluten free diet until it becomes certain that genetically, they might also have celiac. I'm telling my whole story because I never have before, and it feels good. But the point of this post, the question I need to have answered is: Is it too late to start eating gluten before my endoscopy in 5 days? ... My gynecologist recently referred me to a gastroenterologist for Celiac testing. I went this past Tuesday and they took blood for the Celiac panel, and we also scheduled an endoscopy for this coming Tuesday. I had not even considered that I would need to eat so much wheat for so long prior to the procedure until I got on this forum today and read about the endoscopy. I've been largely gluten-free for two years now. If I start loading up on wheat today (Thursday) for the procedure on Tuesday, will there be enough damage for a diagnosis? Should I cancel the procedure? I don't want to spend the money or go through with it if not! I've eaten homemade granola (by my fiance) for breakfast for the past month and have experienced GI distress, but attributed it to the flaxseed. But now I read that oats may also be problematic. I'm hoping there might be enough damage from the oats to produce positive test results. Thanks to anyone who reads through this whole autobiography!!! and posts an answer to my questions.
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