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  1. I won't touch anything that has not been made in a gluten free factory..The only protein powder I have found that is OK is the Egg White Protein by Jay Robb, if you are not allergic to eggs.
  2. As far as mustard, I have read up and drenched seems to be safe and free of gluten, not all mustards. Before u eat anything I do a quick web search. Also do the eliminatiion diet. I'm in the process as well. I have narrow ed down gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and am still looking!! You mentioned eating out, there are gluten free menues but I always have to check for the other items and often times if its not listed they don't know. Therefore, I don't eat. Most all meat - deli has gluten! Ask before you order chicken at a restaurant only some- mostly hi end will guarentee it. Cross contamination is huge!! Just making my son a bagel can make me sick if I'm not careful. Good luck!!!
  3. I have been gluten free since September 2011 and through elimination diets have found that I also have soy, dairy, and nut intolerances. My family thinks I should be tested to find out if I'm gluten intolerant or if I have celiacs. My Dr.said there's no reason as ill be following the same diet anyway. I am very careful for any cross contamination as well as only day what is clearly labeled as gluten free etc ( the agony of messing up is just not an option of choice!!) What do you al think? Is there any reason to have to know? Thanks for your thoughts.
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