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  1. I get the no guarantee thing, but maybe they could word it as "no gluten products used in production". I emailed the customer service back and they sent me the ingrediants. SUGAR, NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, VANILLA BEAN PIECES. I just wanted to know if gluten products are used to produce the "natural & artifical flavor" part. I really do love that powder.
  2. I sent an email to Starbucks regarding their vanilla powder. Last I was there I asked the barista if it contained gluten and he was nice enough to read the ingredients off to me; none of which sounded like gluten. Looking online I saw some posts to the contrary, so I emailed Starbucks. I gotta say this was not the answer I was expecting... "Starbucks does not add any gluten to their products, however we can not guarantee ANY of our products are gluten free due to possible cross contamination at the location where the product was manufactured. If you have any allergies to gluten, we recommend you refrain from consuming our products" This is not very encouraging to me as a newly diagnosed celiac. I realize they are CYA but did they really just tell me not to come back? REALLY? Isn't there some sort of anti discrimination law against that? And they never did answer my question about the vanilla powder.
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