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  1. Hello Everyone! I am new here and just happened to stumble on your site last week. I have been suffering with a rash for about 10 years and in those 10 years, I have been to a doctor and dermatologist. At first they test me for herpes but both of those came back negative and then over the years no one could figure out what it was. I do not get the rash often ( maybe 3-5) times a year and it is very mild but still annoying. My rash looks similar to the member that posted the other day. It is usually one red mark right above my buttocks and it always comes in the same area, either on the left or the right. The first time that I get the rash, it was after eating hot and spicy chinese food so I assumed that I was allergic to chilli peppers. Then last years, it dawned on me that I get this when I also eat something with peanuts in it( peanut butter crackers, snickers, even fried turkey that is fried in peanut oil). I can eat walnuts and pecans just not peanuts. Plus I eat lots of salt, pasta, and rice but I don't get the rash every time I eat these products. Is this normal not to get the rash all of the time when I eat these foods? The rash does not hurt. It just itches and when it starts healing, a clear to white discharge comes out if I scratch it. Lately I have tried to leave it alone so that it does not form a sore. Sometimes I put dilute clorox on it and also mouthwash since it is an antiseptic. This seems to dry to sores up. Then I put olive oil on it one it heals for the dryness.
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