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  1. I don't know if they did a total IGA. All the paperwork said was "Endomysial Antibody IgA and t-Transglutaminase ( tTG) IgA" that was it.
  2. I went out today and bought some gluten-free stuff: chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, snack type stuff. It's expensive, that's for sure! Is cornmeal fine for coating chicken? I bought lots of frozen chicken and decided I would coat them with cornmeal or Bisquick Gluten-Free coating. I went in and got the blood results so I could see them and the dr only ordered 2 tests out of the 5 or 6 on the celiac panel. He ordered the Endomysial Antibody IgA and the t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA. The Endomysial Antibody IgA said negative and the tTG IgA said <1 negative. Those were the only 2 he tested. Just testing these two would the results be conclusive to negative? Or should the doctor have ordered all of them?
  3. Thanks for replying, Macie. I am not even sure where to start with eliminating gluten. It seems it's hidden in many things. And right now my 4 year olds favorite food is breaded chicken nuggets. I'm going to be doing some massive research and start the gluten-diet. It certainly couldn't hurt anything. I'm a bit annoyed the pediatrician won't refer me to get him tested for other food allergies. He just told me to eliminate it ( dairy ) and try it.
  4. The doctor called today and said that the results for my 4.5 year old were normal and he tested negative for celiac disease. The dr. wants me to keep him on the appetite stimulant and see how much he weighs at his 5 year appt. I am not sure how I feel about this. I guess I was kind of hoping he'd test positive because then that would explain why he has no appetite and has a really slow weight gain. I've been telling myself for years that he gains slowly because he didn't gain the first two months and his father was a slow weight gainer too. His dad weighed 18lbs at 1 year. My son weighed 16lbs at 1 year. I am more worried about his lack of appetite. Without the appetite stimulant, I would have remind him to eat and spoon food in his mouth to get him to eat an adequate amount. I thought my 3 year old for sure had celiac as well b/c he is 30lbs at 3 and has a somewhat distended belly. I always thought it was a toddler belly. Last night, after dinner( which was frozen chicken nuggets and french fries ), his belly was very distended starting right below his sternum and bulging out. It was completely hard... no soft spots at all. He's been like this since forever. He woke up and his belly wasn't as distended anymore. This all so confusing to me. I thought about putting them on a gluten-free diet for a couple months to see how they do but I wouldn't even know where to start. Maybe they are just going to be skinny kids?! I'm so tired of stressing about my 4 year old's weight.
  5. Maiko- Thanks for replying. Out of curiosity, what branch is your husband in? Mine is Air Force. What were your children's symptoms that made you ask to get them tested? Were they all having symptoms or just your 3 year old? Your 3 year old sounds like my 4 year old. He was never diagnosed as having IUGR. He was born at 38 weeks and was 6lbs 5oz. My second son ( 3 now ) was born at 37 weeks and I went out and bought preemie clothes thinking he'd for sure be smaller than his brother.. nope. He was a whole pound bigger at 37 weeks. My 4 year old had pyloric stenosis and never gained anything the first 2months and sometimes I feel like he developed a food aversion because I'd feed him every hour-forcing him to get something in his body. I kept him off of Dairy yesterday-besides a couple bites of scambled eggs that had milk in them. So bfast, he had 2 small sausage patties and that was all he wanted. Lunch he would only eat half a ham/cheese sandwich. Wouldn't eat anymore than that. He got his medicine ( appetite stimulant ) in the afternoon. He ate 8 chicken nuggets for dinner and had a half pb/j sandwich after that. His mood was awful yesterday-as it is right now as I'm writing this. He just finished breakfast an hour ago and it was a cheese danish. He had a lot of bread yesterday. Did anyone notice this kind of behavior when eating these foods all day? He threw a fit in the Walmart yesterday-which he never normally does. He fought with his brother all night last night and is now fighting again.
  6. Well, his doctor gave me a referral to an ENT for my son's sleep issues. He said it sounds like sleep apnea and may need to have his adenoids and tonsils taken out. They took blood at the appt and are going to do a Celiac panel on it. At this point, I just want answers to why my son complains about his stomach hurting and doesn't want to eat a larger quantity of food. My 3 year old can out-eat him most days. The pediatrician isn't as concerned about his weight since he gained almost 3 lbs in a month when he was on an appetite stimulant. My issue with that is what is the plan when we take him off the stimulant and he continues to not have an appetite? I asked about lactose intolerance as well and he didn't order any testing for that. He said I could take out all dairy and give Lactaid milk,etc and see how my son does. My son hates dairy as it is anyway. Always had to force the kid to drink his milk. Hates yogurt, mac&cheese, pudding, ice cream, milkshakes, anything with milk or cheese in it. Anyway, the doctor said the results of the celiac panel would be in about 5-7 days. I will come back and update with the results. I am so thankful for this board and for the people who share the story of their kids and getting diagnosed with celiac disease.
  7. Thank you, Dixiebell. We have his check up this afternoon and I'll be bringing up allergy testing for the 3rd time with his pediatrician. If he says no, guess I'll be looking for a new one which might take a month before my son is seen again. My husband is military so we have to change PCM's. Have it approved, etc. Would we need a referral to an allergist or a GI to test for Celiac? I want to make sure that I'm getting sent to the right place.
  8. I looked at his past blood results from when he was 10 months old. That's the only time they did a blood test on him. They tested a bunch of stuff like thyroid, CBC, complete metabolic. Everything was normal was what I was told but I looked last night and his Alk Phos was high and some other things like Crea were either high or low. Can't remember what the Crea was off the top of my head. They never once tested for food allergies. The reason I brought it up is because if he ate too much he would throw up especially after yogurt and milk. If he drank 8oz and had a bowl of yogurt with it, he would take off running to the bathroom. At first, I thought it was due to him just not wanting to eat so he would throw up to get out of it. Then my MIL told me my husband had a lactose intolerance as an infant. My husband still has a hard time gaining weight and usually has to go to the bathroom after eating certain things. The dr's definitely haven't tested for celiac or anything else. I don't know if there is family history of celiac or not. If anyone in the family has it, they obviously don't know. Dalan doesn't even like mac and cheese. Does that have gluten? He will eat other pastas but again, in small quantities. He also has pale skin and I thought maybe he was anemic or something. But, it's hard to know because looking back at pics of my husband he was a pale child as well. His mom said he would eat small quantities too and he was a small kid. My husband was 18lbs at 12 months. So if my son gained weight those first 2 months of his life, he probably would have been right where my husband was. It's incredibly frustrating not knowing why my son gains so slowly. These past couple months he's only gained like 1 1/2 lbs. And if he didn't have the appetite stimulant, he probably wouldn't have gained at all..
  9. Hi! We've been dealing with weight and eating issues with my son his whole life. He had pyloric stenosis as a baby that was misdiagnosed as reflux. By the time the dr's figured it out, he was already 2 months old and hadn't gained any weight since birth. After the surgery, he still gained incredibly slowly. Showed no interest in eating whatsoever. I figured it was because he spent those first 2 months non-stop projectile vomiting 3-4x a day. Who would want to eat after that? Pedi said put cereal in his bottle. I figured things would get better when we started solids, nope. He would only eat fruits and veggies. He was labeled failure to thrive. Weighed 16lbs at 12 months. The eating problems continued all through out his life. I didn't know what was wrong. His dad is 6' and 165. I'm barely 5'1 and 110. I figured he was destined to be a skinny child. Blood tests came back fine. We were sent to a GI who didn't do any tests and basically said he would be skinny because my husband and I were. Well, now my son will be turning 5 in April and he is 33 lbs and 41in tall. My 3 yr old is a little on the short side... I think 36 in and he has started to slow on weight gain too. He's 29-30lbs. Our new pediatrician has tried my 4 year old on appetite stimulants which does make him eat but even with the help of those, he has only gained 1 lb this month. I asked the pedi about food allergies twice now and he seems to just brush me off every time. We have an appt tomorrow and I'm just going to ask for a referral. Do I see a GI or Allergist if I want him tested for Celiac? Here's a list of "symptoms" that I notice in him. I understand that people with celiac disease all present different symptoms. His are: -No appetite, I have to coerce him to eat at every meal. He doesn't even want snacks unless it's fruit or something. -Low weight gain-"failure to thrive" -He had eczema when he was an infant till about the age of 2. Now his calfs feel like sandpaper... kinda rough. -Dark circles under his eyes sometimes -Poops everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day. His poop is more loose than I would consider normal. It's not diarrhea but just mushy looking and like it breaks apart easily-floaty pieces, etc -Constant, non stop clogged nose. Hard boogers. I can clean his nose out and it usually results in a nose bleed and the next morning it is clogged again. ( Could be due to adenoids though) -Fights a lot with his brother. Very mouthy to me ( Could just be a kid thing..?) - He doesn't sleep well. He still sleeps in my room. If I put him in his room, he wanders in my room and crawls into my bed. He is a mouth breather, snores, thrashes around, yells and talks in his sleep. He would cry in his sleep when he was an infant as well. These may not all be symptoms of celiac disease, but these are all things that concern me about my son right now. My 3 year old is starting to be a picky eater right now but he shows an interest in eating still, unlike his older brother. I asked my 4 year old why he doesn't like to eat. He told me it hurts his throat. Tonight in bed, he told me he thought he had to puke and his stomach hurt. I hope my pediatrician gives me the referral. If anything, for my piece of mind that an allergy isn't causing his slow weight gain.
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