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  1. An expert is a man who tells you a simple thing in a confused way in such a fashion as to make you think the confusion is your own fault. - William Castle

  2. That was a painful and a very sad story To be honest the best cure for such a situation would probably be to smack that GI "doctor" in the nose with a really tough fist. Anyway, I can only relate to you partly i.e. I have a looong experience with "doctors" knowing less than me about e.g. condition A or how to react when condition B affects A etc. I've had "doctors" tell me that to identify if you have other allergies on top of celiac the best thing to do would be to put me in hospital and essentially feed me random foods and "see how your body reacts". Funny thing is, the nurses feeding you WILL gluten you and aren't very educated on the matter either. Ok moving on with the topic. Before celiac I weighted 220lb and had great abs (also aimed to be a pro athlete). However, the celiac thing had other ideas. Within 6 months of receiving the news, I've not only lost 46lb of muscle, I've quickly started getting fat. What was actually happening was this: 1) My body didn't absorb enough protein to maintain muscle mass so eventually the muscles 'turned' into fat. 2) Sugars are absorbed easily and fat rarely skips through i.e. you WILL absorb most of the fat you eat. 3) I couldn't make my body use the body fat because that required cutting out carbs which didn't help since the protein didn't get digested anyway and made me weaker and fatter due to the original problem. After losing most of the muscles I worked years for(and getting fatter while still dieting) I just have one tip for people who are trying to fight obesity and fat loss: When it comes to calories and fat loss it is often better to eat that large and tasty bowl of chocolate ice cream before bed than a 'healthy' pasta salad with potatoes and mayo. I find this ironic but true. I'm not sure why I typed this, somewhat incoherent and, hardly justified, post. However, I do hope that some of it will be of some use to someone
  3. After reading all of the replies I must admit that I'm shocked, since nobody actually pointed out the obvious. However, instead of disrespecting your gluten-free I'd like to ask you the following: 1) Is your gluten-free aware that you have an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE that can easily kill you, be it from causing bowel cancer or many other fatal illnesses? 2) Has she ever baked or cooked anything for you that's gluten free? e.g. a birthday cake, pizza, or perhaps a prepared romantic 100% gluten free picnic?
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