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  1. Hi, I have always been coeliac so in one way it is good as I do not know what I am missing, if indeed I am missing anything at all! I do however get a twinge of jealousy as my friends order anything they like from restaurants and their food shopping trips are quicker as they do not have to check all the ingredients but it certainly could be worse! I have only recently joined this site and already there is a lot of help on here! Natasha
  2. As I have been a coeliac my whole life, i have never tried beer though the smell of it would put me off anyway. I am a cider girl, love it especially scrumpy. However I am sorry that you have had to give it all up, I never know if I'm better never having tried anything, therefor not knowing whether I'm missing out or whether you are luckier as you had it for so long....mystery question However I am sure that as making gluten free beer is relatively new that somewhere along the way they will achieve better stuff, it has taken them a long time to get bread to a good standard so I am sure that they will achieve this for you!!!!
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