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  1. Does anyone know of the reasons why dropping gluten from our diet has such a significant effect on our weight? Since going gluten free three months ago I have lost 20 pounds! And I am eating constantly. Processed foods also have been cut out of my diet, for the most part, with fresh and natural products being supplimented and all meals being cooked from scratch. My energy level is through the roof and my anxiety has dropped significantly... unforuntaely so has my wallet, with having to purchase cloths that don't fall off when I walk, but c'est la vie.
  2. There are currently only three varieties available at the LCBO: La Messengere, Lakefront New Grist, and Nickel Brook. I was chatting with the employee in charge of ordering at the local LCBO and he said they can't keep New Grist in stock it sells out so fast. And Le Messengere is also a hot commodity. They were sold out of both when I was there so I tried the Nickel Brook (it comes in cans only) - nasty stuff! I'd take the mind-numbing gaseous stomach upset from gluten beer before forcing myself to drink that brand again. It's simply not palatable.
  3. What I miss is the ease of going to a bar or pub with friends, ordering a communal platter of some deep fried glutened horror and chatting the night away in a cozy corner with a couple of rich and full ice cold beers :-) Alas... Wine puts me to sleep and martini's and mixed drinks just aren't my cup of alcoholic tea. So what are people ordering these days?
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