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  1. It took awhile with my daughter as well, the first month was her detoxing from it. If anything, she felt worse in that time. Good luck!
  2. Day 6 gluten free. Raging headache, feel foggy.

  3. That was a ton of great info- thank you! I have the white tongue, and I get unexplained rashes all over, quite frequently. They put me on Vistaril (like Benadryl) for it, but I despise medication that makes me feel sleepy or groggy, so I've stopped it and try and ride out the rashes. My daughter still gets exactly what you described, raised, crusty patches of skin that drive her nuts. I use bendryl cream because I'm unable to find the cause. (she is gluten-free) I know I need to have a food allergy panel done on her. I tried once with her ped last year and got back her titers instead.. so that didn't help with allergens. I will do some searching for candida. Again, thank you!
  4. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the forum. :)

  5. I know how hard it is, to impose the diet on your child. My 5 year old daughter has been gluten free since she was 2 and while it's helped her IMMENSELY, sometimes I still feel really awful about that. She has adjusted well. She knows gluten makes her feel terrible and avoids it herself. But, it still makes me sad for her, especially at birthday parties where everyone is getting a slice of the bday cake and I'm pulling out a cupcake I made at home and made SURE that frosting matched... It gets easier, for you and for the kids. Honest
  6. Good night- love this site. Much thanks to the many that helped me today.

  7. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm on a quest for answers for so many issues I have had for so long and I think that this may be one of them and hoping to find people who know something about it.
  8. Does anyone else use activated charcoal or epsom salt baths for glutening detox?
  9. I'm 33 and NEVER been one to cook. I hate it. Raw meat grosses me out and I just can't do it. Thankfully, my husband picked up on that one for me. But lately, I've started baking gluten free and I'm actually starting to enjoy it. Quite a few bombs so far- because apparently baking isn't easy lol- but I made a gluten-free cake on Valentine's day for my daughter that was actually one of the best cakes I've ever had. (Bob's Red Mills Vanilla cake mix- I cheated lol).
  10. Don't get discouraged. I promise it gets easier with time!! While I'm new to being gluten free, my daughter (5) has been for 3 years. I remember the beginning and feeling like "OMG, how can I do this, this is impossible".. but 3 years later, it's just become part of life.
  11. I joined here with high hopes that I would find others like me, so far so good. I joined a couple forums before this one, but they were fairly inactive and vague. I have found this forum to be very helpful and I only joined this afternoon. My daughter was also never tested for Celiacs. She was diagnoses with Autism just before age 2 and her ped at the time suggested I try the gluten free diet with her. I threw everything gluten out that day and replaced with gluten-free products. Now, 3 years later, when she does have a gluten infraction, we KNOW. Even if it's prolonged skin exposure (band aides, the day she filled the sink with cat food *laced with gluten* and flooded the bathroom and was covered in it). With her, when she's had gluten, I give her a small dose of activated charcoal and it absorbs most of it. I'm on a lot of meds throughout the day and that's not an option for me. I am, however, VERY careful about gluten being anywhere near either of us. My parents- while I love them and they are AMAZING with my daughter, have accidentally glutened her several times over the last couple years and mostly before we discovered activated charcoal. She ate a slice of bread at their house one day and for an entire month, she was in agony. She screamed and hurt herself. It was horrible. Looking back at that and how I feel right now, just 5 days in... I can't help but think- gluten is evil. It doesn't seem right to me that a FOOD could cause a person such distress or that stopping the food could make one so sick. I've quit smoking- nothing like this. I've quit caffeine, again, nothing like this. The cravings were stronger for smoking and caffeine but not the physical symptoms. The last 5 days have been fairly horrible and I know I still have a fair amount of time to rid my body of old gluten. Any tips on speeding up the gluten detox process?
  12. Thank you. I NEEDED to hear that so badly. This evening I had very little appetite, ate half a pork chop, a small potato and some green beans and I've drank 48oz of water in the last 2 hours. The cramps have eased up. I am also strongly considering taking the probiotics I bought for my daughter (gluten free for 3 years, age 5) but I'm on a lot of medication for anxiety and am slightly worried about interactions. I don't know if a pharmacist will or can vouch for the safety of probitics and meds.... I wish I lived somewhere where access to knowledgeable medical personnel was more readily available. Boo Maine lol.
  13. I think I'm going to switch doctors. I've asked to be tested for Celiacs and systemic yeast for over a year and all they keep saying is to try the diet. If I have systemic yeast, just the gluten free diet isn't going to take care of it. I do have probiotics that I got for my daughter and I think I'm going to start taking them tomorrow and maybe on Monday I will look for a new doctor who knows a bit more about Celiacs, gluten and systemic yeast. Thanks
  14. I have chewable acidophilus with bifidus tablets that are gluten free, I've just been feeling so awful that I'm scared to death to do anything else. Maybe I'll just suck it up and take one in the morning.
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