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  1. Has anyone ever been given a conflicting diagnosis. How frustrating,seen the specialist last tuesday and I get the you have celiac, but you might not...but chances are you do. Biopsy was positve for celliac but blood work did not. Now I have been told to eat gluten and have another scope,catscan and bloodwork every week. Anyone else have this problem. I am so ready to lose it
  2. ;)I hear ya on the not wanting to eat thing. I thought it would be an instant fix stop eating gluten and poof feel better,but some very wise people here have mentioned other food intolerances that may or maynot rear their ugly head. I love food that is why I became a chef. Now I am looking at food as though it is the enemy. I know that this to shall pass and my guts will thankme for it. Feel better and know there are alot of us newbies out there probably feeling the same way
  3. tks for all the info. It is a steep learning curve which I am sure I am getting slowly but surely. You guys are a great resource and I am glad your out here for all of us newbies. I am sure before long I will be 1 of you all(being able to give good knowledgeable advice that is)
  4. tks for all the feedback makes me feel not so narotic. Dumb question 2 what the heckis nightshades I have never heard of it.
  5. OK here it is, did anyone else feel worse when the wert gluten free. I was daignosed aweek ago have been gluten free since then. I feel nauseous after everytime I eat or drink something. A symptom I never had before, will this eventually go away or am I missing something?
  6. ty all I am looking forward to expiramenting with recipes, God know it will be a process but worth it.
  7. So I was daignosed with ciliac yesterday went through my cupboards today. Did groceries and am now totally overwhelmed. Did anyone else have a really hardtime just wrapping their head around needing to change the way they think and eat or is it just me. Funny thing is I am a chef, I have cooked several ciliac fiendly meals as well as had ot learn about food intolerances. Now that I am actually dealing with it, it seems kinda foreign. Any suggestions?
  8. Hey there I was daignosed this morning and found this forum, any and all info I can get is great. Glad there is a place out there for this
  9. Yes I was diagnosed this morning, eating gluten-free is what I am starting to do as of today, I have been really good about cutting things out to see what is causing things and haven't had much luck, but I am looking forward to not needing antacids and laxatives anymore
  10. Hi there, I have just been diagnosed with ciliac, it has only taken 3 years of more scopes then I can shake a stick at, 4 er hospital trips and countless different diagnoses...last 1 was a bleeding ulcer. Did any 1 else have problems getting a straight answer and where do I go from here. I see the specialist next week but get to spend another week of being constipated and feeling like I have been stabbed in the stomach repeatedly for days
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