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  1. I was blood tested, but it came back negative. The doctor said the most reliable test is to just try the gluten-free diet and see if it helps. Well it absolutely made a difference, but not exactly the difference I was looking for. When I went back to a wheat diet the C returned, so the D is not from the wheat it's from stopping the wheat. I did not give up milk and oatmeal, although I don't eat that much oatmeal, or frequently. My sister was diagnosed with Celiac through a biopsy but then a year later another doctor had her try wheat for a month and re-tested, which came back negative.
  2. When I eat wheat products I have very infrequent, (twice a week) hard, large stools that sink, frequently bloody from fissures etc that are created passing these stools. So I dropped wheat and now my stools are borderline diarrhea, very soft, odoriferous, float and frequent (2 times a day) I am a male, 36, 144 lbs, 5'10. I've never been able to put on weight, always feel fatigued and cold. I've been gluten-free for about a month now, this is my 3rd time trying the gluten-free diet. From everything that I read about celiac is my symptoms are backwards. I am always gassy, but especially so when I eat wheat. I've gone back and forth a couple times with the gluten-free diet trying to confirm that these symptoms weren't just coincidence and it's been reproducible. I do feel uncomfortable when I go back to wheat, but this off-wheat diet has its own issues. I'm sure I'm still getting trace amounts of gluten, but nowhere near the amount I used to eat. (3/4 of my diet was pizza/pasta/bread)
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