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  1. I'm with all the other comments. Obvious gluten intolerance and yes, I too should have bought stock in Gas-X. Best med for a Celiac!
  2. Emilio - you are NOT alone! And yes, Celiacs - we are our OWN family - we are the only ones who truly understand each other - thus we need to be here to help each other through the tough times. Non Celiacs - no matter how hard they try - cannot truly understand. I myself am like eatmeat4good - 40 years undiagnosed and a vast array of other health health issues due to celiac disease. And your story - sounds alot like my 20 yr old celiac disease daughter. Found out at 18 she was. Try taking the pizza and burger out of an 18 yr old girls hand. I dare you. It's like giving a cat a bath. Do NOT look down on yourself, don't ever beat yourself up. Every day you wake up, it is a new day, a new beginning. My daughter will still cheat once and awhile, as she doesn't get sick. Myself - as soon as I went gluten-free - I cannot even think of eating foods with Gluten or I'm the drastic other way - I will get violently ill. Aggravated all the time. I am now lactose intolerant and cannot handle several other gluten-free foods. Trust me, I've cried, screamed, you name it. But, I have learned - it is NOT my fault, I cannot change my fate. But what I can do, is control my future. There are many of us out there - just many don't know they are "one of us" yet. They'll learn, hopefully sooner than later. And, you're still young. Luckily there are now many things on the market to fill the voids. Thank God for Betty Crocker and Bisquick! You can still get your junk food fill. The longer you stick to the diet, the easier it gets. 8 months in - I have this down to a science. And although missing some things - when I think about the damage those foods do to me, I no longer care for them. Hold strong, don't beat yourself up. And know, you just in fact gained a whole new family.
  3. If it only happens once and awhile, most likely a pinched nerve. In my case, I have it 100% of the time. started in my toes, now goes all the way up to my knees. Diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy - another wonderful (not!) effect of celiac disease. I would recommend seeing a Neurologist or a doctor that knows celiac disease.
  4. I am trying to find out if any other Celiacs out here in this big world of ours are also Reyes Syndrome survivors or, in my case, are Celiac and lost a sibling to Reyes (prior to diagnosis). I raise this question because I was not diagnosed until 40, both of my children are Celiac and it got me thinking - did my sister who died as a child from Reyes also have Celiac? Could Celiac have attacked the liver, thus causing damage and when the flu and aspirin entered into the already unstable condition, Reyes developed? I am not a doctor, but it makes logical sense. (My Celiac has done serious damage to many of my organs). And, if I am not alone in this thinking - the more of us that are found, the more we can push to do research and studies on BOTH of these horrid diseases.
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