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  1. I have had problems with what i've been eating for years now, but never really thought anything about it until recently. I have become extremely bloated to the point that I have people asking me if I am pregnant and have D almost everyday. The bloating comes instantly after eating and is the worst pain I experience, it is definitely getting worse. I just recently started seeing a naturopath who ran some blood tests that my GP has not before. I am deficient in B12 and D. Other symptoms I am experiencing is extreme exhaustion, memory loss (have difficulty remembering words), A LOT of gas! weight gain, always hungry, moody and find that when I drink beer my chest closes up to the point where I almost went to the hospital the last time I drank it (have completely cut this out of my life!). I asked my doctor for a blood test, even though she was hesitant and when I went to get the test found out that she only sent me for the transgluteminas AB test only! This test came back negative and she told me that I only needed this one. She said if this really bothers me then she can send me for the other more invasive test. What I'm really wondering is whether I should fight her on the blood test and get a second FULL celiac test done or if I should just go and get the more invasive test? I am trying to cut out gluten, however I'm finding it extremely difficult! I don't have a lot of support at home and my own self-control is not there! I need help!! thanks! Ashley
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