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  1. Hi all, I, personally, do not have Celiac's, but my boyfriend was diagnosed in November and I've been gluten-free with him since then (well, mostly--I have a weakness for the local pizza joint). We're going on a trip with my family to the Big Island in March (the 12th-19th), and I'm looking for places that we all can enjoy. We'll be at King's Land at the Hilton Waikoloa (we stayed at the main resort last year, so we're already pretty familiar with the area) and we have a kitchen so I imagine we'll be doing some of our own cooking. I know my boyfriend would prefer to stay in most of the time, but my family loves to eat out on vacation and I don't want us, but especially him, to feel left out. Since it's so new for him and my family doesn't really know much about Celiac's, I want to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable. I've read some of the other threads about gluten-free Hawaii (and I expect kenlove to have lots to say), but I was hoping for some current information. We ate at Roy's last time and thought it was great, so that's probably on the list since they can also do gluten free. It's good to know that the resorts are always a good bet for gluten-free, but what tips do you have for local, non-chain places? As for places to buy food, my family loves to go to farmers' markets so I'm wondering when and where is the "best"? Also, does anyone know if Hawaiian Airlines has a gluten free option? Their website isn't that great when it comes to dietary information. We'll definitely plan on at least bringing snacks for the plane. Thanks a million, Liz
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