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  1. Thanks for the information on gluten sensitivity. It looks like there aren't a ton of people researching it, but it isn't unheard of. I am so thankful for this forum! It's so good to feel like there are other people who understand. ~Stephanie
  2. Thanks so much guys. I feel better today. Just felt a little shock to the system when it seemed I no longer had the support of the medical community per se. It seems there is a lot to be learned about all of this. Thank you for your words of support. It truly helps knowing I am not alone. I have no intention of giving up on gluten free regardless! ~Stephanie
  3. So my biopsy and TTG tests came back negative and I feel hopeless and confused. I was putting so much hope in a Celiac diagnosis... I'm confused about gluten intolerance vs. Celiacs and I want so badly to be done with this diagnostics phase!!! So my gliadin levels are high and I'm gluten free going on three weeks and I am seeing some changes in my D and possibly energy...the last 20 years have been a big hazy blur and I can't stand the thought of not knowing what has been wrong. I just wanted a solid diagnosis. I want to be able to explain to people that I love why I've been so out of it all these years and now I'm scared that being gluten free might not make me feel alive again, that I might be back to square one of having no idea what the hell is wrong with my body. It sucks to hear from a physician that in general my labs look great. What good are good looking labs when I feel like a zombie?? My joints hurt, my memory is insanely awful and I cannot remember what a normal stool looks like. So frustrated and down Any words of advice? ~Stephanie
  4. It's so cool to hear this Brigitte! I still have times throughout the day where I feel like I need to nap, But I was telling someone today- something is beginning to feel different. It's almost like my cells are beginning to feel alive, when I am awake, I feel more awake than I used to. I used to drag my limbs around all day, Every step was an effort. I feel so thankful to finally have an answer after so many Years of feeling partially alive!
  5. I'm afraid I don't have anything helpful to add Suzanna, but thought I would co-miserate for a moment and admit that I actually gave the bakery the middle finger as I walked by all the goodies lol. On a positive note, I feel my energy level slowly rising....I'd rather eat foam board everyday than walk around like a zombie for another 20 years! I hope you survive the party...and hope it helps knowing you are not alone! Stephanie
  6. It sounds like you have all the proof you need for sure, but I'd say if you have good insurance it can't hurt to have the biopsy. I just had one and it is a really simple procedure. The worst part for me was the anesthesia hangover feeling (closely followed by the pain of removing the tape from my arm where the had the iv in which is like a free wax job) good Luck to you!
  7. Pre-diagnosis I was not hypoglycemic, but I've found that now that I am gluten free...I get shaky in the morning if I don't instantly eat. So, I have to eat some protein quickly and then eat way more regularly than i used to. It's no fun, but that is how my nutritionist said to eat anyway. I live on rice cakes and almond butter. Also Lara bars are always in my purse. It sounds like i need to be tested again for blood sugar issues also....
  8. I notice that I always get canker sores after a dentist visit....not sure about the other symptoms, as I'm newly diagnosed and wasn't watching for any correlation. I sure will next time. Thank you for bringing up this topic!
  9. Just curious, how many of you had negative biopsies and positive blood work? Also, those of you with positive biopsies, was your physician able to tell just from Looking during the endoscopy that your villi were flattened or did the biopsy via microscope confirm Celiacs? Thanks so much! Stephanie
  10. If i had to choose a symbol i believe it would be a Phoenix!
  11. I just had an endoscopy yesterday because i know myself, it would drive me crazy not knowing what is going on with my intestines. I decided all the confirmation i can get will help me in dealing with it all psychologically. Plus, i wanted to make sure there were no other problems present...related or unrelated.I am only two weeks into gluten free diet, so I felt an urgency to get it all done quickly. If you are unwilling to do the gluten challenge, which I totally understand because I wouldn't either, Its my unprofessional opinion that you are fine without an official diagnosis (if your symptoms are gone) Trust yourself and stick to what makes you feel good. However,if it would make you feel better to be tested in the long run....maybe you should. Having Celiacs and not officially being diagnosed is fine so long as you are gluten free, the bigger issue is what if it is some other disease. I think having a healthcare provider that you trust mAkes all the difference in the world. If you aren't sure that you are getting sound advice, keep on searching for a doc you trust. Good luck!
  12. Thank you for the suggestion! I'm not aware of that diagnosis in my family but i just looked it up and it sure sounds familiar. I must go ask my doc about it!
  13. I have low vitamin D, low. Calcium and HIGH iron. Has anyone else had this? My doc has no idea what to make of this. I do not take any supplements with Iron or cook with iron cookware. Very strange and a little disconcerting....especially Since I've been anemic for most of my life!
  14. I have always believed that I never really recovered from having mononucleosis When i was 16. All through high school and college my fatigue was unbareable. With my week old diagnosis (20+ years later), I am now looking at mono as a very Likely trigger. My GI symptoms (with the exception of nervous tummy as a child, Which I attributed to my shyness) appeared after a really bad bacterial or viral bout Of D that lasted uncontrollably for almost three weeks (This was my freshman year Of College). I started having obvious gurgling regularly and noticed some foods bothered Me more than others...then i gave birth to my daughter at 23 and things worsened again. Finally my son was born five years later and the heartburn appeared and D became worse again...followed by Joint aching, hair loss and numbness in fingers and toes. Who knows what the reality is, but it sure seems like there are a lot of folks here that had Various stomach bugs that seemed to be the trigger. I am just so glad to have an answer to why i have felt unwell for so much of my life!!! I am looking forward to reaching the one month, six month, one year gluten-free milestones.... Come on energy!!
  15. I was just diagnosed last week by dr. Loan huynh. Her number is 919-791-0445 She is a chiropractor and seems fairly new at the gluten free topic, but maybe she can At least get you tested or send you to someone else. Good luck!
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