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  1. Im so sorry you both had a bad experience! Both my endoscopy and colonoscopy were done under I guess twilight sleep. I remember nothing about either procedure. I mean as far as testing goes, neither was bad. So sorry to both of you!
  2. Thanks very much for your responses. I CANNOT WAIT until I can get these tests done and get on with it. I am in a lot of Crohn's pain right now and it's getting to the point where I really don't care if I have Celiac and if never eating another ounce of gluten will make me feel better, I'm on it! I did a little online looking and I see that gluten is even in some of our shampoos... so much to learn!!! Thanks much though!
  3. Thank you for your response! I looooove my doctor, although the poor guy is getting frustrated with my case because a lot of my meds just aren't working. I kind of want to get the show on the road with the gluten free trial because if that's what is causing the pain... then let's get on it. Alas, I have to wait for the insurance company to give us the green light for more testing... hopefully it will only be a few days until I can start. Until then, it's hard to think the foods I put in my mouth are actually very harmful.
  4. Hi all! This is my first post. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease back in November. I was on a low residue diet and meds for Crohn's, but at my last appt with my GI doctor, I told him of some stomach pain I was having so he had me do an endoscopy last Thursday. The endoscopy showed scalloping (?) indicative of Celiac disease but he wanted to do more testing (a gallbladder ultrasound, a genetic test for Celiac, and a pill cam). He said I would need to go on a gluten free diet but AFTER the tests were done. I'm already on a low residue (no fresh fruits, fresh veggies, nuts or fiber) Anyway, the question is - did anyone's upper GI endoscopy with scallops and inflamation come out with anything OTHER than Celiac? I want to see what my "choices" are here. Thanks!
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