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  1. hi everyone: I just found ur website & am happy to see someone else has my welts & rashes! the test results for celiac disease came back negative, but I notice when I eat anythin with gluten in it, my whole side or sides & thighs & stomach break out. Allergy tests reveal it,s not wheat! should I start a gluten-free diet? Seems pretty hard to do & maybe expensive? At the end of the test results, it said: CELIAC RISK GENES DETECTED: DQ2.2 (HLA DQA1*0201:DQB1*0202) What doest this mean?? Thanks for whatever help you can give.
  2. this is my first time bein at this site! what an eye opener! I was just tested yesterday for ciliac!! Welts & rashes (sometimes 2 or 3 diff.types of rashes) would come & my docs would not be able to fit the puzle pieces togetber! Reading your posts have practically solved my case! lol. I WON'T NEED CONFIRMATION from blood test to know for sure it' s ciliac! Wow! Happy, happy to figure out the rashes! thanks "itching". Sorry we have to endure this tho!
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