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  1. Hi, Nice to meet you. I am pretty new too. I used these forums for all kinds of quick lookups before joining. In my effort to find gluten-free Shampoo and Conditioner, I found this company. Not only is it gluten-free, but they also say their products help with hair loss. I bought their stuff, but it was not what I was looking for in a haircare system. I had long hair and wanted typical shampoos and conditoners, this stuff is not typical. It is all about scalp cleansing, detoxing, and hair growth. So if you are interested, here is their link: https://morroccomethod.com/ Hope it helps and good luck!
  2. Here is what I say to this heavy debate. If you use a product that has gluten in it, say sunscreen, it is no different that putting whole wheat bread in it's place. So taking that for instance, would you rub your whole body with a loaf of bread, your face, hands, etc. Think about when you sweat... you have bread all over you and you sweat and it gets in your nose, your mouth, and tear ducts.. all that leads to your digestive tract. You can wash sunscreen off all day long on your body, but it takes a LONG time before everything in that lotion is out of your skin cells... which means the gluten is still there too. you get a hand full of chips and put them into your mouth, BAM.. attack. As a matter of fact I am sick right now from this happening to me 4th of July. I used someone elses Sunscreen thinking that I would be careful since I am fair skinned and needed something. Well sweat got the better of me. It makes me upset with all this debate going on. To me it never was the absorbed through the skin that was the issue, it was the cross contimination possibility. You would not want to eat food that was served on a plate that had bread rubbed all over it. So why would you want to put hands in your mouth with essentially the same thing. This is not saying that people can't get sick through skin contact, I believe that to be true also. Some people have different symptoms. I just think that we need to be totally Gluten Free to protect ourselves.
  3. I eat this cereal every morning, and I am ULTRA sensitive. I have never had a problem on this cereal. I started to suspect that I had a casin problem, so I started eating this with Almond milk... YUMMY. Sorry you guys are having issues. I hope that it is not something in the cereal.
  4. We feed our babies Taste of the wild. They love it, and they are super healthy. Lots of muscle, and shiny coats! If you have a Tractor Supply near you they sell it.
  5. They are wonderful! It is also yeast free which I just found out I need as well. They have breads too.. and they really are the best I have had.
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