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  1. lol... and by my "ex-gluten-free had chronic yeast infections..." I mean my "ex-girlfriend had chornic yeast infections..." Freud would be proud.
  2. Ok... so I'm putting this back to the top of the forum. I went to the doctor last friday (8/19) for a series of blood tests and a fecal testing. I am still waiting to get the tTga results back, along with everything else. The reason I am posting right now: On Saturday night, I went to my cousin's wedding. My aunt -- who is Celiac thru biopsy at the Mayo Clinic -- made a gluten-free cake. I ate nearly the entire thing, I was having a good time. I ingested probably 100 grams of sugar that night, easy. I woke up on Sunday morning with an extremely itchy groin area. Like intense itching. I scratched it vigerously and noticed a rash all over my penis. It was clearly disheartening as I get std testing done every 6 months. I went to the Dr. and she looked at it and said NO STD... woof. Ok.. so she said maybe it was dermatitis, I said probably not. I told her I had eaten a bunch of sugar the night before and then this happend, I also told her that I was feelign very itchy all over my body and just overall fungaly. She obliged me and took a sample of the rash and left the office. 30 minutes later she came back and said, "yep that is definatly fungus." Male yeast infections are very rare. And no, I don't have aids... and I am pretty sure I don't have diabetis.. although Im not 100% sure. Waiting to get tests back. So I am thinking, wholeheartedly, that my symptoms with wheat and other carbs and processed foods is very much connected with a yeast infection. I told the doctor that I feel like its not just a skin infectino and that iit is more likely systemic and in my digestive tract. She agreed. So I don't have any definitive results on my celiac panel yet, but I have a 100% diagnosis of male yeast infection. That can certainly cause brain fog, malaise, tiredness, itchy scalp, joint pain, and of course.. penile rash. So I am pretty at a loss right now, but also excited to have at least a diagnosis. I did take a course of both amoxycilin and doxycycline about a year ago for a month. AND my ex-gluten-free had chronic yeast infections. AND i've had tinea versicolor on my entire upper body before... I am suseptibale--gentically--to fungal infections, and worse yet, yeast infections. I just thought I'd share that diagnosis with everyone... maybe some can relate or have similar situations. BUT i truly feel that this yeast infection diagnosis along with my food intolerances are going hand-in-hand. I will update everyone on my celiac panel next week. Anyways.. I am starting Diflucan and a strict sugar-free and obviously continuing my gluten-free diet. WHOA... could I possibly... possibly... possibly have some sort of diagnosis?!?!??! NOt counting my cards yet. Take Care, Tim
  3. Hey Bruce: One tip that works for me (most things dont, I have the most sensitive stomach in the world I think) is to fast. One thing that I did a lot was try and eat certain foods to feel if it would affect my body, when in fact my body didn't need any more food in it. If I am feeling poor and unbalanced, the best thing I can do for my body is to eat really lightly... and when I would normally eat dinner, maybe just not eat anything at all... much on a clove of garlic, go jogging, go to bed. When I wake up from a fasting day, I feel LIGHT and my stomach feels empty. When my stomach feels light and empty, so does my body. Try fasting for a day, just maybe eat some steamed veggies and shrimp / fish in a small proportion and see what you feel like the next day.
  4. AVR and MirageMan... Hola: 1. That's pretty much the main effect of my food intolerances. The food that I eat just gets clogged in my stomach first, then in my intestines second. I can feel my body moving it slowly, there is no mistaking it. Once that happens, it clogges up the rest of my body and it just feels like all my body's energy is being used to excrete the food. It is a bad feeling, and everything I eat after that just kind of backs up behind it. The auxilary symptoms from the constipation / non-digestion are all the textbook ones: brain fog, allergy-like headache, floating / drunken feeling, nausea, gassy, irregular bowel movements (straining), overall malaise. As everyone on here can relate, the hardest thing is that it is every day. And I know there are degrees of food allergies (Drew Breese for instance is "allergic" to wheat yet can eat gluten-free waffles and syrup. That, to me, would mess me up BAD). My degree of food allergy is pretty severe. If I slip up = no sleep, sick, tired, groggy, constipated, drunk, nasty, heavy, et cetera. You all know. Still waiting to go see the DR. Ends up I can get in next friday (8/19). Can't wait! 2. The family thing is almost comforting at a certain level. My mom's side of the family has multiple osteochondromas (hereditary bone disease). AND, it is pretty darn clear that the entire side of that family has bad food allergies to wheat and milk. It was odd that we went so long without all conversing about it. My uncle started first (he's the oldest) to go vegetarian, I saw my mom her entire life not able to eat anything, then my aunt was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic by biopsy as a celiac patient, and my other aunt is diagnosed Chrons. So... in a way... its nice knowing that A. Im not alone and B. there is an explination to my reactions. It is a normal thing it seems for food intolerants to be labled as "crazy." I really really really hate that sort of label. BECAUSE... when I was younger, and could eat anything I wanted (and I did), I labeled my mother as "crazy" and someone who just complained about these strange symtoms. Funny how God can turn the tables. With a new perspective, and a balanced approach to it both physically and spiritually, I know that I am not crazy... and I NOW know that my mother is not crazy, and I felt pretty guilty about that. I can feel my body reject food, plain and simple. That is not crazy... what's crazy is having to find the answer on your own whilst taking 20 credits during your senior year of college and being confused as hell as to why you can't read and comprehend anything anymore.. that was the crazy part. But now I've seem to find the root cause of my problems, I am still having severe reactions to certin foods, but I can now understand it, internalize it, and react properly instead of over-reacting. That's the thing that got me labled as "crazy" (I even labeled myself crazy when I was goin thru it) was the over-reacting and blaming other things on my symptoms like STDs and other super rare diseases. In my defense, I was sick everyday! and just didn't know what had happened. After finding the cause, my demeanor is back to normal, thank God! Talk to your family. They will listen. And mirageman: I usually bake all meats except beef. It keeps it moist and easier for my digestive system to break it down. The longer you cook something, the more it becomes dehydrated and harder for the body to break down. The rule of thumb I use is that if its sticky or has consistencey (bread, sauces, gravy, spices, anything in a package) I will be done-for. If its clear, or wet, or slippery, or SOFT, then my body won't flip out.
  5. Hey Cornhusker, For me... each day is honestly a bad day compared to what I was before i had any issues with my digestion. With that said, I went thru a period of about 6 months where I was in a brain fog, lower back pain, joint pain, fatigue, nausea.. and I was like 21 years old.. I was freaking out, I thought I Aids or something crazy. Once I figured out the connection between my diet and how I was feeling, it took me a while to eat correctly. After reseraching Candida and other thigns like that, I pretty much started eating on the anti-candida and gluten basis. I remember the week I began eating only chicken and veggies I would get acid reflux from it and just an overall toxic feeling in my stomaach and throat. Once that week passed and I continued to eat that sort of stuff (no bread, just simple healthy food) my reflux subsided. That toxic feeling lifted and I began to read the newspaper at work. Literally, I couldn't even bring myself to read the paper at work, my brain fog was that bad. Ever since I've committed to, and understood my food conditions... I say with respect to my body that every day is a "bad day." I am still recovering... And I dunno if my condition is abnormal, but if I eat anything ANYTHING out of the ordinary, I will have constipation, the food will just sit in my gut and rot, reflux, lethargy, brain fog, and just a drunken feeling for a good day or two after eating that food. If i eat wheat food, i will feel my lower digestive sytem move it slowly and make loud noises. My feces will look abnormal, and the "satisfaction" of a bowel movement is non-existent when I have something in my system I can't digest. So, for taht reason, i can honestly say that every day is a bad day compared to when I had NO symptoms. BUT, if I compare myself now with how I was for the 6 months i was suffering, I have never felt more in control of my body in my life. Acutely if I eat improperly: 1. Food gets stuck in my stomach and festers 2. Toxic-gas like feeling in my throat 3. Brain fog, lethargy, moodiness, headache, nausea (the norm) 4. I will feel drunk for a good day... just out of control. And once this happens, I will refuse to eat anything besides maybe some veggies or steamed fish... and once I do that, it takes about a day or two for it to pass my system and I will then be back to square one, and whatever I put in my body will either be digested or it wont. So... I eat things I can digest! Again, not sure if my condition is more than just Celiac, I am still in the process of diagnosing... But i know for a god damn fact that I have food intolerances... its just so damn simple. Certain foods = no digest = feel like crap! Certain foods = good digest = feel energetic, sharp, and LIGHT. Im sure you can all relate to that "light" feeling. When I get bad days, i feel heavy and weak and lethargic and like my gut has plastic ball in it. So glad that my current "Bad Days" are avoidable, and my current string of bad-days compared to those 6 mos of suffering are pretty dang good. Again though, I havn't had a normal day since this all started 3 years ago. But, I am glad that the solution is to eat healthily and eat less. As such, I look and feel better. Take Care!
  6. And Jennifer! I didn't read your post until after I posted the one prior to this. I am super glad (not glad for you of course) that you have had that similar symptom. I feel like that is one of the major ones that affects my body poorly. When I eat something that is not easily digestible within my system, it feels like that food just sits in my stomach, rots and festers, and produces a gas-like feeling in my throat. It literally feels like the food is just sitting there, I can feel it, and it produces a toxic-like gas that seeps into my throat that I can feel. I feel taht toxic gas when I get acid reflux, obviously its hard to differentiate between the two, but they seem to go hand in hand with the undigested food in my tummy for a while. This eventually leads to constipation in my lower colon area and it just screws up my entire system until its passed. I find it amazing that if I just ate things like fish or veggies or steamed foods which are soft and natural, it just moves right thru my body, but once I put any sort of consistency-based (sticky sort of food) it just stops dead. Thanks for sharing that bit of info! For real, its one of my main symptoms and one of the most debilitating, I'm glad to know im not the only one that got that feeling. As you know, it makes it less of a burden knowing ur not the only one! Take care
  7. Hi everyone, Yeah... stuff like seasonings are aweful on my system. I've also found out that if I eat imporoperly for a couple days, it will cause myself constipation and other digestive issues for a good week. I am going to the Dr. next friday to get some tests done and will post my results once I get them in. Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll let you know what I find out and offer some advice to others going thru the process of figuring out their digestive issues related to gluten. Cheers, Tim
  8. Thank Everyone on here who is nice enough to give me some feedback. I was just thinking to myself earlier today: its been now 3 years of my digestive chemistry being out of whack. I can think for now 3 full summers of turning down brats, hot dogs and burgers at family get-togethers. All I could eat was chicken or straight beef (unseasoned besides salt n pepper) and veggies and potatoes. Anything with a pre-packaged spice, anything with noodles, anything with mustard, anything with a sticky-consistency would just cause indigestion and pain. Does anyone ever get the feeling that their body simply cannot digest food? Like if I eat a bratwurst (its so hard not to! Im a wisconsonite at heart), I can feel the meat being digested normally, but I can almost feel the bread just sit in chunks in my stomach... and then my digestive system gets paralyzed almost. The other day (mind you, I am experimenting on myself to try and understand what's a culprit and what's not) I ate a breakfast sandwhich from burger king. I go on a jog pretty much daily, and that day, I felt like my digestive system was clogged while running, and moreover, I had a feeling like my body wasn't metabolizing any food and felt lke I had no fuel to use to exercise. I got done, and it just felt like a rock was in my stomach. Can anyone relate to that feeling: feeling like the food is just festering in one's stomach and like its a rock?? That's really the main symptom I've been getting: just a feeling like certain foods are not digested, and thus, I feel malnourished. If i eat plain food for a week, by the end of the week, my body feels like it is fully functioning almost. The obvious answer is to simply eat like that... but as you all know, in this society, that is easier said than done. Thank you Takala for your advice on the social aspect. Oddly enough, even with the really nagging and chronic physical symptoms, I've been finding it just as difficult to adjust being a food-intolerant amongst my friends. The hardest part I have come to have to realize is that I am different! I feel like an outcast sometimes having to turn down normal things like burgers or cupcakes at birthdays and get togethers. Moreover, I find it extremely hard to eat out at ANY restaurant. It just seems like no matter what I try and eat, mainly mexican-oriented corn-based foods, I feel like garbage after eating out. And this is hard on me and my girlfriend, and mainly ME not being able to just at a whim be able to go out wi my friends. And beer is an ABSOLUTE no-no. The only way I can drink is if I drink straight whiskey or rum with a bunch of water, and relegate the next day to feeling like a hangover x 2. It just seems like all the enjoyable things in life have become off-limits to me. I know I sound like a complainer, but I can't overstate my reactions to food! If it is good, normal, processed food... I can't eat it without Constipation, indigestion, heartburn, brain-fog, fatigue, and just an overall crappy feeling. But, I am pretty new at this, and find peace in the fact that I am not completely out of the norm. There are many of us who have bodies that crave simply, healthy foods... and I can dig that Its just hard sometimes to ALWAYS be on guard about what you are eating... So, takala, thank you for your advice. I find it very helpful. I'll get tested eventually... but with the specificity of the tests, I'm just going to do what my body is telling me, not the Drs, for now. Thanks everyone on here who is nice enough to share. Hopefully one day I'll have some good advice to provide to someone in my position.
  9. Thanks everyone for your time and helpful responses. I really do appreciate it. 1. I've been "gluten-free" since March 2011. I've simply avoided eating anything that tastes good, essentially. Lol... its almost that basic. So yeah, I've been actively removing gluten from my diet for nearly 6 months now. 2. I am going to make a doctor's appointment for next week. I will show him the text message from my aunt that says, "doctors told me its genetic and to have family members tested." I will start with the blood test, and perhaps will eat some things I've wanted to eat for a long time leading up to that test. Maybe I should wait longer to get tested then??? Not sure if my body could handle it. 3. Thank you Sylvia for the U of Chi information. From that website, it seems that having symptoms are less typical than not having them. And this sort of worries me. Becuase honestly, my symptoms are pretty severe. I'm having esophageal pain symptoms and some motility disorders it seems... the food will just sit in my stomach and fester is the best way to describe it. And the mostover, my OVERALL malaise has remained chronic for nearly 3 years. Some days, I feel sore thruought my digestive tract (throat on down) and just like I have no energy, brain fog.. et cetera and literal pain in my digestive tract. Its pretty weird... For instance: If i eat ground beef that is UNSEASONED in a taco or something, I have little digestive issues. If I eat ground beef that is SEASONED with taco seasoning (just basic packaged stuff) I get a throat ache, almost a heart-burn like feeling, but more like my stomach is producing a toxic gas. Not a typical heartburn (which I no longer really get while avoiding gluten) but like a gas-induced throat pain. Its just like my digestive system from top to bottom just is painful when I eat seasoned beef. That's just one example, so I've found that I season things with natural stuff like garlic / onions / peppers... Is it normal for a digestive system to be THAT sensitive to a food? Just a little taco seasoning.. that's all it takes to mess me up? The point is... I have symptoms. Really bad ones. And ones that are daily... some days worse than others. This makes me fear that what I've got going on is maybe even more fundamental than celiac. Again, obviously speculating is not healthy, and I will of course see my doctor asap. Thanks for the information everyone, it is really nice to get it from people who understand what its like to have a really bad digestive issue, have little to no answers, and are trying to get ahold of the situation on their own time. I personally can relate to those who've dealt with that... and you certainly have my sincere support, understanding, and belief. Thankfully... it could be worse. Thankfully, eating lightly and taking certain precautions can very well minimize any symptoms. I'll post when I go to the doctor and let you know what he says, for what its worth.
  10. Hi Everyone! I am a 24 year old male: 1. Why are a large majority of people on this forum, or even people I personally know with food intolerances in general, women? Perhaps I am just simply basing that on skewed samples or whatever, but as a male with severe food intolerances, I feel a bit in the minority? Does anyone else notice this? 2. About 2-3 years ago, I was sitting at my house with my cousin who was cooking some chili. We had eaten a pizza the night before, and I remember laying on the couch as he was cooking one of my favorite meals ever, and having no desire to eat it. I had no appetite, and more acutely, I had sharp bloating pains in my small intestine area. I went thru the rest of the day with extreme fatigue and just an overall feeling of abnormality. I went to the ER, all tests were normal... that was my FIRST sign, and was about 3 summers ago. 3. About October of 2010, amidst my Senior year in college, I remember having chronic brain fog, malaise, overall sickness feeling going on. I had never really noticed any GI issues, and thought I had an STD. I got tested for EVERYTHING, like 20 times, and proved either A. I was a hypochondriac and psychosymatically creating my symptoms in my head OR B. there was something fundamentally wrong with my body. For an absolute fact, I know I am not a hypo. So.... 4. I stayed home from work one day, feeling under the weather--which had at that time, become the absolute norm in my life--and cooked an open-faced egg sanwhich on whole-wheat bread. I had been eating Subway at work pretty much daily, and would get D and C on and off because of it... never making the connection. I laid on the couch and ate the egg sandwhich, a staple of my entire adolescence. As I sat there, I just remember having an, "AHA! moment!" I couldn't digest the food! I simply couldn't digest it, I got sick, I got cramped, I got a NASTY feeling. At that moment, I looked up food intolerances online. 5. My grandfather and his brother died at 59 and 62 respectively from esophageal cancer. One of the rarest forms of cancer, and didn't smoke or drink. My grandfather had chronic acid reflux daily, and ate tums and toughed it out. 6. My mother has for my ENTIRE life had digestive issues. Literally debilitating symptoms. She has been in and out of Drs. offices her entire life, and would always say, "I simply eat and get prepared to either vomit or have D or C." She just grew used to it and just didn't eat that much. 7. MY AUNT WAS RECENTLY DIAGNOSED (my mom's sister) THRU BIOPSY (twice) AT THE MAYO CLINIC IN MINNEAPOLIS, MN WITH CELIAC DISEASE. She has been actually diagnosed as having an allergic reaction to the protein, and has virtually no villi left in her digestive tract. The doctor was appauled at how the local clinic she attended failed to see the obvious symptoms. So! I had my grandfather have digestive issues. My mother has extreme digestive issues, her sister has digestive issues, her other sister has chrones disease, her brother is now a vegetarian as the DR. said he'd die from esophageal cancer if he continued to have acid reflux like he did... I am NOT making this s$#& up! Its like the twilite zone because we are ALL now starting to make this connection. After decades of symptoms--clear and obvious ones--we have finally made a connection that is very very plausible, ESPECIALLY with a DIAGNOSED CELIAC in my immediate family. Now... My symptoms are off the chart. Literally, I have digestive issues from my throat to my anus. FOR INSTANCE, on FRIDAY 07/28/2011 I ate out at a restaurant: The next day: I felt like the food had rotted in my stomach overnight. It felt like my digestive system had literally frozen stiff. It wasn't moving the food, it wasn't churning and making noise as if to digest it. It just sat there. When that happens, I feel a toxic fume in the throat and have sore throat. The worst part, I felt as if my body was floating... it felt like my body was completely out of control. I felt distanced from my body. I had the most immense brain fog, I had a feeling like my body was attacking itself...like I had been infected with a virus. I was functioning at work, but I literally could not focus on anything. I felt miserable for the ENTIRE weekend, and finally... on Monday now, I can at least feel my body is connected to my brain. NOW... it seems like this community of food intolerance patients are labled as woossies, or people who just are whining. I have NEVER in my life been an excuse guy. I've worked my ass off for everything I have, and I have endured now 3 years of feeling ill. Within the past month my aunt was DIAGNOSED CELIAC THRU BIOPSY AT THE MAYO CLINIC. She then told me to get tested. Question: DO I NEED TO GET TESTED? I am not looking for a pity party. But I am really looking to be able to say, "hey...boss... I ate something today that is literally making me unable to focus on a simple task. I can't help it, I am a CERTIFIED CELIAC!" Because where I am at now, I just tell people I have intolerances... and I don't think they get how severe the reactions can be. Its like, Unless you are a person with food intolerances, you simply don't understand the TYPE of sickness that you feel. The brain fog, the disorientation, the floating, the drunken feeling, the nausea, the joint pain, the back pain... I don't think its relatable. But I also feel that even within this community, if you are not CELIAC THRU BIOPSY, you are not a true sufferer??? Maybe I'm wrong about that... But.. If my aunt has it, and I feel better when I eat chicken, veggies, and light foods... DO I NEED TO GET TESTED??? DO I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE OR JUST A WHEAT INTOLERANCE (along with milk and sugar). AGAIN... I'm not looking for a pity party.. and nobody on here is. We are all real sufferes and are looking for the answer like any sane, healthy human would do. I just find it odd that I went from a completely normal and healthy human being, to at a certain point in my history, being a COMPLETE WRECK when I eat certain foods. and I can't overstate how SEVERE my symptoms are... it is absurd! Just looking for some opinions, some whatever... Just had to get that off my chest to people who can relate. Love, Tim
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