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  1. I contacted Mac and they said that though all of my products ARE free of gluten....The items ARE made in the same factory as the items with Gluten. They said though they clean their machines and do their best to NOT cross contaminate they can NOT guarantee that the items are 100% gluten free.
  2. Just curious.....If I am wearing lipstick that contains gluten (not a celiac patient) and I kiss my husband (celiac patient) then....would this be a problem for him? Also....as far as makeup foundations, mascaras, blush,etc.....If he is NOT licking my face, lol, he should not be affected by it...right?
  3. My Husband has been suffering from horrible frequent Cyclic Vomiting for 7.5 years now! This past weekend we FINALLY found out that he is INDEED positive for Celiac Disease! Since Wheat was a HUGE thing in our house....it was practically killing him! His pancreas began shutting down, his intestines has a severe bacterial infection and he has colitis...among other things like malnutrition. It can be very very frustrating! Just dont give up on your search! Doctors will continue to push cyclic vomiting patients to the side. They look at it as THE ILLNESS or DISEASE! Its NOT!!! Its a severe symptom OF A DISEASE! I am sorry you are having to deal with this but if I were you....I would go Gluten free for a year and see if it helps!
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