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  1. Thank you all again so much for your responses. It helps a lot just to talk to others who have been through it and understand. I am definitely going to look into calling the lab for more info and also trying to find a better celiac specialist in the area. Zimmer-I had the antibody testing done. I was still nursing my daughter when we discovered she needed to go gluten-free, so I asked to have the panel run before I went gluten-free with her. It was negative. My husband hasn't had any testing. The more research I do, the more in favor I am of keeping my son gluten-free long term, but I'm having some trouble getting support for that decision. I'm also not sure how accomodating his kindergarten will be next year without a diagnosis. Thank you again. This board has been a wonderful resource for me.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. We are having a hard time deciding what is best to do for him. To make a long story short, my daughter is believed to possibly have celiac or at least is very gluten sensitive. She had very obvious symptoms right after we started her on gluten foods, but had a neg. antibody test. She had only been on gluten for about 6 weeks prior to testing and was not even 1 year old, so we know that test may not have been accurate. Due to how sick she was, we opted out of waiting to do a biopsy. She also is DQ2 positive. After learning about the genetics of celiac with her, we started wondering about our son. He had no symptoms except he was falling off the growth charts. Antibody test was negative last year at age 3. We decided to start him on a gluten free diet with his sister, just to see if it helped. He did start to get back on the low end of the charts and is maintaining there, though he is still small. The hard part is we don't know if his growth is related to the diet or not. We don't want to make him stay gluten free if it's not necessary, but we don't want to impair his growth either if the two might be related. It is so hard trying to make the right decisions with your kids without knowing all of the information. Anyway, thanks again for your help.
  3. I need help interpreting my son's genetic test results. He was tested through Labcorp, and the top states that he is DQ2 positive and DQ8 negative. Then it said: DQA1*01MV, 0501 DQB1*0201, 0501 I was hoping to figure out what this part means because I know there can be different degrees of risk depending on whether you are homozygous or heterozygous for DQ2. Am I correct that he has 1 alpha 501 and 1 beta 201, which would make him heterozygous for dq2? I am not sure what the 01MV means in the alpha part, or why there are 2 501s. Thank you... I am new to all of this!
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