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  1. I had bought a bottle of aloe vera drink at Trader Joe's that's made by a company called "OKF", but I forgot to check first to see if it is gluten free. It doesn't say if it is or not on the bottle, and it has "natural grape flavor" in it. Their website and their Facebook page says nothing about it, and nothing comes up in a Google search. Has anyone tried this and reacted to it? Thanks!
  2. I have been on the lookout lately for some tins to store loose leaf tea in, but all the ones I have been finding are kind of expensive. I went to Sam's Club a few days ago for something unrelated to that, but I ended up finding this gorgeous gift set of tins that would be perfect for storing tea in, and they were heavily discounted since Christmas was over. Problem is, there were cookies in these tins. I bought them anyway, hoping that the cookies would be wrapped so I could give the cookies to someone else and keep the tins, and to my delight, they are wrapped! HOWEVER, even though they are sealed in plastic and I see no crumbs in the tin, there's still a cookie smell in there. What do you think? Would you risk it? No crumbs, no foul, right? I really want to use these for my teas.
  3. Yay for Labor Day picnics, right? ... ... ... Yeah; didn't think so. I've been gluten free, minus being glutened a few times from CC, for almost 6 months now. I used to have the same mindset with gluten CC when I went out to eat with my friends that I used to have about alcohol ("Sure, I might have a hangover the next day, but the bonding with friends and good times will be worth it!"), but I've found that the gluten CC just doesn't make it worth it. A bunch of my friends are getting together for a BBQ today. Normally I'd be excited, but now meetups that center around food like this just fill me with dread. I'm not even going to bother going. It still upsets me too much to be around all this food that I can't even eat. One person is bringing praline pecan brownies... something I'll never be able to eat unless I make them myself, and I really, really hate cooking. Also, in a couple of weeks, my boss is taking all of his employees to Buca di Beppo. An Italian restaurant. It's a biannual thing, and this is the first outing there since finding out I'm gluten intolerant. There do have a small gluten free menu, but there's no way I'll be able to handle being around all that fettucine alfredo, spaghetti, and the absolute best cake I've ever had in my entire life. Probably won't go there, either, unless I stuff myself with food and then go at the very end. I just feel like curling up into a ball and crying.
  4. I just came here to ask this exact same question. Unfortunately I haven't found an answer yet.
  5. I've been using my stainless steel pan with a silicone spoon that has never touched gluten.
  6. I've been gluten free for a month and a half after test results showed a "borderline gluten intolerance", and now I'm having issues with chicken and turkey, specifically boneless, skinless chicken breast and ground turkey. It makes me extremely fatigued after eating it, which is also what happens when I'm glutened, although this isn't quite as bad as a glutening is. Could I be reacting to the L-Tryptophan in the meat more than I used to? Or is it because I'm eating this meat on an empty stomach? I did make sure that they were gluten free. The brand of chicken is Harvestland and the turkey is made by Jennie-O.
  7. I wonder if it's something about just the pizza. I eat the Amy's "TV dinners" very often (seriously, I've starve if I didn't). Just had one of the teriyaki bowls today, and I eat the cheese enchiladas and the tamale verde a lot and never have issues. I'm thinking the crusts are on the same conveyor belt as the non-gluten-free ones and it doesn't get cleaned well enough. Or maybe the gluten flour is still in the air. I dunno.
  8. I'm glad I'm not alone, but I'm sorry you have to deal with this, too. It sucks. *hugs*
  9. *hugs* Glad you were at least able to get the digestive issues taken care of!
  10. I'm in the Kansas City area, but e-hugs are just as welcome! Thank you! *hugs back* I have massive issues with being a burden on people. That, right there, is the biggest issue I am having with this diet. I'm high-functioning autistic and I was always made to feel like I was a burden on others while I was growing up. I tore myself to pieces trying to "learn how to be normal" to the point to where it's not that noticeable anymore, but it's really messing me up to think that I may have to deal with this all over again.
  11. Forgive me if this has recently been discussed. I just ate part of this pizza tonight, and I feel SO bloated and nauseous. It didn't even taste that great to begin with. Anyone else have this issue with this kind of pizza? Anyone have a good premade frozen pizza brand they can recommend? Or even crusts/dough? I made a pizza with Glutino pizza crusts a couple of years ago, and they were just plain disgusting. Dunno if that's changed since then or not.
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