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  1. That sounds just like my dd last year when she was diagnosed. I'm still amazed by what a different child she is. Good work with the Mommy Instinct. Just because she may have been celiac negative does NOT mean she isn't gluten intolerant. I don't know why that is so difficult for some gi's to accept.
  2. My family really likes Pamela's bread mix. It is wonderful and just right for sandwiches, imo. I have a pan in the oven as we speak.
  3. My 5 year old daughter takes Animal Parade Gold Children's Multivitamins. They are certified gluten free. They are a complete multivitamin/mineral (including iron) as well as probiotic and digestive enzymes. She really likes the taste, which I consider to be very close to Flintstones.
  4. I do enjoy LaraBars, especially the Key Lime Pie and Coconut varieties. I have recently found Bora-Bora Bars, though, and am totally in love!
  5. My dd starts Kindergarten in two weeks. Thanks for the lunch ideas. I have to say, the idea of coming up with something different every day is a little daunting compared to packing a snack two days a week for preschool.
  6. Andrea's Bakery in St. Charles (St. Louis) is a gluten free bakery. There is also a gluten-free bakery in Jefferson City (www.myglutenfreebakery.com). I haven't been to KC recently, so I'm not very familiar with the gluten free options there.
  7. My dd's celiac was diagnosed completely by accident. We were referred to an allergist because of severe seasonal allergy symptoms that weren't responding to treatment, including steroids. On the day of her appointment, her asthma was so bad, we almost ended up in the ER. As a result, the allergist would only do blood work that day, no skin testing. He ordered everything he possibly could, including a "let's just rule it out" celiac panel. Her tTG was 275! She also tested positive (via bloodwork) to yeast, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes, milk, eggs, wheat, and barley. We immediately went gluten free. One month later, when she was skin tested, she came back positive only to peanuts and wheat (she's never had barley). After one month on the gluten-free diet, she was off all allergy and asthma meds, and has had absolutely NO allergy symptoms since. My own seasonal allergy and asthma symptoms have gone away since going gluten free, as well.
  8. This makes me very angry. How dare they go against your wishes in regard to a medical condition?! This should definitely be reported. Their job is to care for the child, not make medical decisions that go against every single piece of evidence related to her condition. That could cost the facility its license. I'm sorry this happened to your sweet girl. I hope she's feeling better quickly.
  9. We use Nature's Plus Animal Planet Gold vitamins. They are gluten free and use beet juice for color. Aside from your normal vitamins and minerals, it also includes iron, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. We used these prior to my dd's diagnosis, and I give them so much credit for keeping her Vit D and iron levels normal (barely). I also truly believe the probiotics and enzymes helped tremendously in keeping her on her growth curves. I can't recommend them highly enough.
  10. My dd's tTG was 275, well beyond the normal range of 0-15. With this information, we made the diagnosis of celiac, and skipped the biopsy. With such a truly positive blood result and clear improvement on the diet, our physician felt there was absolutely no need to do the endoscopy, especially considering she's only 4 years old. Others may feel a need for the positive biopsy, especially if the blood results were somewhat equivocal. We just didn't feel comfortable putting her through it given the test results.
  11. I'm sick of the Wal-Mart greeter pushing stickers at my dd, and saying, "Now don't forget to go to the bakery, and get your free cookie." Then looking at me like I'm the meanest, nastiest mother who ever lived when I say she can't have the cookie. Not to mention being sick of the being the mean, nasty mommy who won't let my 4 year old get that cookie. I'm sick of my dh, who agreed the whole family should go gluten-free (I, too, am celiac as it turns out), unless his oldest dd and her family come over, then it's a gluten free for all. He wonders why I'm upset, and B and I are both sick. I wish he would get a clue about contamination! I'm sick of trying to educate the school nurse about celiac and B's reactions, when her response to me is "Now, don't you worry, dear. We're going to take care of your sweet girl, and if she should accidently get some gluten, I'll have her epi-pen right there waiting." ARRGGGGGHHHHHH!
  12. I was not impressed with that mix, either. The first words out of my dd's mouth were, "Ugh, Mom, cardboard!" I can't wait to see your recipes.
  13. What an amazing community you have found! The bbq in my own home was no where near that considerate. I'm thrilled for you!
  14. I'm in Missouri, not Florida, and I do have DirecTv. For the most part, it stays on in the rain, unless it's a pretty heavy thunderstorm, then we lose the signal. Unfortunately, that's when you really want it the most...so you can get the severe weather updates. I have heard of people putting a styrofoam cup over the receiver part of the dish (with the end cut off) to protect it from the rain. They say they don't lose the signal with that fix in place. I can't say, haven't tried it yet. Otherwise, I really like DirecTv...just be ready for that bill to JUMP when your 1st 12 months are over.
  15. Tylenol isn't an NSAID, and is generally considered pretty tummy safe. If you are sure they're gluten-free, and I am pretty sure they are, I would have to agree with the corn. I haven't done enough research into acetaminophen to know which store brands are gluten and corn free.
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