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  1. Hello Dylan, I am also from San Diego and was diagnosed about 10 months ago, or about a month after you were diagnosed. I also have never met another Celiac, and because of the small number of support groups I have gone through everything by myself. You are the first person in San Diego that I know has Celiac Disease. I don
  2. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful advice! I decided to buy a Kitchenaid mixer after all, but will wait and see if I can find one on sale. Thanks again! I would have bought a mixer that would break down after a few uses if it were not for all you guys! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
  3. I am rather new to this and my first topic post, so please forgive me if I don't get my point across very well. I want to buy a stand mixer to make life easier when I bake. I have been gluten-free for about 9 months, but have not done much baking outside of Betty Crocker mixes (which I can obviously use a hand mixer or with a whisk) but if I want to make bread I have nothing to use. Now unfortunately, I my budget is EXTREMELY tight between the economy and gluten-free foods. So can anyone recommend a good stand mixer that is good without taking a chunk out of my pocketbook? Thanks in advance to all who answer! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
  4. I highly doubt that you will lose any more weight. The majority--keyword being majority--of people who do lose weight are slighly overweight. Whereas the people who are underweight tend to actually gain weight. Why? Right now your body is not absorbing anything, not nutrients, not fat, so you are losing weight. But as your gut heals that will all go away, and should get up to a normal weight. Like me, I am overweight and at the time of my diagnosis clinically obese; therefore I lost weight. Hope this Helps! Congrats on starting to live Gluten-free! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
  5. Yes! The first week is the hardest. Basically, you don't have the nutrients you need to survive, but your body is saying you need more nutrients than usual. Bread has lots of essential nutrients and carbs for instant energy. What you need to do right now is try to eat things with the most nutrients. The things I would recommend are: Chex Gluten-Free cereal (DELICIOUS!) Brown Rice or Quinoa spaghetti with Ragu (Yay! gluten free ) Gluten free bread--Ener-g makes a great brown rice loaf! Nature valley nut bars good treat Look up recipes using Chex cereals easy to make and gluten free Lastly, for a sweet tooth Betty Crocker gluten-free baking mixes. I had the BIGGEST cravings for sweets at first and Betty Crocker got me through the first few weeks. I hope this helps! Congratulations on living a gluten-free life! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
  6. Wow! Those are almost the exact same symptoms I had! As the disease progressed I started to get dermatitis herpitiformis. I had vertigo the spinning sensation and was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, not a good feeling, because it tends to cause nausea sometimes. There is a link between Meniere's Disease and Celiac. Try convincing your doctor or go on a gluten free diet and see if symptoms improve. Hope this Helps! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
  7. Sounds like Celiac Disease to me. I know that I was constantly feeling that in my arms, then my legs. My doctor had no idea what was causing this though, she refused to test me for vitamin deficiencies, anemia or even Celiac Disease. I started a gluten-free diet because all doctors refused to test me and all my symptoms went away. I went to a different doctor told me if all my symptoms went away like that I have Celiac Disease. Now I no longer have the pins and needles but it did take close to a month to see a noticeable difference. Hope this Helps! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
  8. Yes! I had a completly normal menstrual cycle for about 1 year, 1 1/2 years, after that my period went away. I am 21 now and I think that I have only had maybe 5 or 6 periods since I was 13. I have been on a gluten-free diet for about 9 months, and it seems as if finally my period is beginning to come again. Luckily, although a bit sporadic (sometimes heavy sometimes light) it comes roughly every 20 to 30 days so good. Strangely though, I had PMS without having a period, not very fun. With time your periods will get back to normal. If you are concerned with the irregularity I know that spearmint tea does help to regulate androgens (testosterone) which causes menstrual irregularities. Hope this Helps! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
  9. Hello zoogirl, Yes, what you are feeling is normal. Before I went gluten free, my body was actually craving carbs for quick energy because I was so fatigued. Your body is trying to clean itself out, as well as heal itself, so the shakyness and the headaches are the result. Right now, your body is weak, but in a few more weeks you will feel better than you ever have in your life. The first few weeks are the hardest. Congratulations on your diagnosis!! MichaelJacksons#1Fan =D
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