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  1. fresh asparagus? darn, just had that tonight.
  2. Oh... I just thought of something funny. I also have a few gluten free friends who have chosen to go gluten free because they think it will help their kids, and it does, so the whole household it gluten free, but none of them have Celiac. When I told these friends that i was Celiac, they were almost envious. Like I had just hit the jackpot of gluten intolerance. I guess i thought it was a funny reaction, and I wasn't offended, but then again, I am new to this whole thing, so I am sure at some point I am going to have a bad experience with CC, or friends, or restaurants. Just thought I would share. Kendrea
  3. I went out to eat with a bunch of friends last week and ordered a salad with tuna (no spices). One friend said to me "wow, with this diet you are on, you are really going to lose a lot of weight". I told her that I hoped not, since the past year before I was diagnosed, I had already lost enough weight I was beginning to look like a cancer patient. At that moment all my friends seemed quite interested in what exactly Celiac was, and it ended up being a teaching moment. I think they understood. Kendrea
  4. Could it be that this has been an effect of Celiac? I've gotten sores in my nose for at least 10-15 years, usually a few times a year, usually when I am feeling under the weather or tired, or stressed. At one point a Dr. gave me antibiotics for it because he said it was a staff infection. That helped for a couple of years, but they have returned. I just assumed it was a cold sore and now I am wondering if it is related to gluten exposure. I'm fairly new at the Celiac thing (a few months since diagnosed) and now I am starting to connect all of the weird conditions I have had to gluten. It's really blowing my mind... I tell ya.... Anyway, I bring it up now because I have been gluten free for a couple of months, and I do have a little sore forming in my nose now. It's not huge like it usually is, but I wonder if I have been exposed to gluten within the last few days and not known it. I have been good about the diet, but I have not replaced any pots and pans, or the toaster, basically I have been pretty relaxed about CC. Wonder if it's time to get serious about this change of lifestyle.
  5. I'm so sorry that your mom isn't more supportive. She must be a very insecure person to get so offended that you can't eat what she cooks. I think it's better you go and try to maintain your relationships with the rest of your family, maybe she'll come around someday?
  6. I'm thinking about ham or lamb for the meat, and maybe new potatoes ans asparagus. What are you all making?
  7. We've had another "fainting" spell (although I don't technically think it is fainting.) The school called today a bit after lunch and told me that my son came into the office, and told them that while he was watching a movie in class, he was also seeing circles in front of his eyes. I am not sure why, but he fell off of his chair. I think he was describing migraine auras. I picked him up, and took him home for the day, and right now he seems fine. The last time this happened he ended up with a pretty bad migraine the next day, and it lasted most of the day. He spent the entire day in his room sleeping, and if we talked even a little to loudly, he would get really irritated. I am still convinced it is food related, but he hasn't had gluten in a few days, except he had a communion host at Mass on Sunday. For lunch he had: Turkey, Cheese stick, Fruit snacks, Yogurt, and a couple of strawberries. So, I am thinking it was the cheese stick? I have heard cheese is a trigger, but I still want to cut out the gluten too. Kendrea
  8. Got goosebumps when I read your responses. Wow!! Just wow! So... after 2 days on g.f. with my son, he had a great b.m. (sorry... gross... sorry...) His behavior today all day was unbelievably angelic. I am so anxious to see how is attention span at school is in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your awesome responses!!!!!
  9. Yes, I am thrilled with this possibility! My mind is spinning to think that I possibly have been dealing with the effects of gluten most of my life, and now I have a chance to start my son on a different path. Wow! The interesting thing for me was that I think my body knew about my intolerance, because I have never liked bread, or pasta. I am sure I got my fair share of all of gluten in a given day, but I stayed away from most of it as a matter of being picky. I think it was my body's way of protecting me. So, for me, going on this diet was very easy. I think I will get the blood test for my son asap. And prepare myself with info about Gluten ataxia when I talk to the neurologist. Even if it is negative, I will continue with the diet to see what happens. Right now it is too early to tell. He doesn't have any numbness or tingling, but he does get horrible pains in his joints sometimes, that I attributed to growing pains (which they could be I suppose). He is overall mostly a healthy kid, doesn't have stomach aches, or any of the normal Celiac symptoms. Thanks for your responses. This is so exciting! I would much rather his problems be something we can take care of with a simple diet. WOW!!!!
  10. First of all, I just want to say that I really appreciate all the great advice, and fascinating stories on this forum. I am totally intrigued by everything everyone has to say. Second of all, I am a new poster, and am mostly a lurker, but will try to participate as I get more comfortable with this disease. Most of you are such experts! Here is my story, sorry it is so long. I was diagnosed with celiac about 2 months ago via blood test, I am 38 years old. I believe my Celiac was triggered by one of my pregnancies, and have only felt ill for about a year (also had a miscarriage during that year as well). I have been gluten free for a month and a half. I have an appointment with a G.I. this Monday, and will go to the appointment, but am not sure if I will get a endoscopy. I feel so much better on the diet, and not sure I want the expense of an endoscopy. Meanwhile, my son is going through some medical issues all his own. It started last year (1st grade) he developed a very distracting tick which for him is basically blinking really hard and often. He also started to get really constipated (dr. suggests Mirlax for that, we don't use it very often, after he had a accident at school). He also started to really not pay attention in class. He sits and stares in class, and the teacher can
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