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  1. Hello My wife has celiac and she has been on a gluten-free free diet for 7 years. Being new to celiac myself I find it a bit more interesting to find fun gluten free meals for us to eat and other cool gluten-free things. Right now she is having a pretty bad time because I think she has been cross contaminated from some drink or meal she ate. We were both wondering what people do to alleviate cramping, stomach pain, extreme body sensitivity, and headache etc...? There is little to no information online about this and most books only talk about prevention methods. Also are there any foods that anyone eats during the aftermath of being contaminated with gluten? Unfortunatly my wife sometimes does not eat enough food and she needs food to eat, but right now she is in the middle of pain world. Any help or information would be good. I want to help at least reduce the pain a bit. She is also lactose intolerant so none of that please. Thanks, Joshua
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