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  1. Kim69, do you mean the celiac screen test or the gene test? I had the screen test done for free and back in a week but the gene test takes about 10 working days to come back. My mums GP had that one bulk billed for her but my GP wanted me to pay for it.
  2. When I asked my GP for the test, she said I'd have to pay for it myself as it is something that I asked for, not her. But then she didn't think much about celiac disease anyway.....disappointing that there seem to be so many GP's who don't believe that celiac disease causes such a problem. Maybe I'll try another GP.....
  3. Hi Deaja, I've been gluten free for about 3 weeks and am feeling better as each week passes. Apparently it can take quite a while for you to feel better after starting a gluten-free diet. Some people take a few weeks, others over 12 months. I'm not a diagnosed Coeliac but have 2 children with it and I seem to have many of the symptoms so have just started going gluten-free cos it's just easier in our household anyway! I can't answer your question on corn, but keep up your gluten-free diet and I'm sure you'll feel better as each week passes!
  4. Hi meggie, not sure if you are around anymore but I was wondering if you found out the cost in Australia? I'd like to have the test done as both my children have celiac disease and I tried calling Medicare but didn't get straight answers. Would love to know how much it costs! Thanks
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